organic garden update part two march 2010

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novalee truesdell and tiffany dawson with canine assistant penny reh, share the march 1st progress of the organic garden project in northern CA for growing your own food. hope you like to eat alot of greens, people, because it is not fruit season yet!!!

8 Responses to “organic garden update part two march 2010”

  1. enovalee says:

    thnx. will suggest that as our next project fellow gardener!

  2. ttitanic121 says:

    Yes I have 1, our growing season is May-Oct.(dam winter,lol) 1 tip would b 2 have an enclosed composter,I prefer wood,plastic is not Eco-Enviro friendly, where u should add some soil,live worms, leafs,banana peels,egg shells, tea bags,coffee grounds etc.-anything not chemically harmful-it smells,takes months& needs turning every while but u end up with hi-grade soil-hope that helps!

  3. enovalee says:

    do you have a garden.??? i am always up for any tips you’ve got having seen our growing situation! we want the soil to have a higher nutrient content, minerals and such. what do you know?? love nova

  4. okraw says:

    thanks, we are surely not pros on the pruning! love nova

  5. ttitanic121 says:

    Cool, ya pruning has tobe done correctly& 4 a purpose-like thinning- to get more harvest. There is an old saying about tilling- if u plow deep ur harvest will b weak-” turn n into” with compost is a great idea!!

  6. enovalee says:

    it seems to me we are the only gardners in the neighborhood.most people have lawns.whose to say about their backyards, though? will look into theat free natural farming book i know there are some debates about pruning but i am not the head boss of this garden, i just work at the residence.
    worms are good stuff, and keep up that unturned compost, love nova

  7. ElShadaiLives says:

    Nice green house!

  8. ElShadaiLives says:

    What’s the alt. there? U can get Masanobu Fukuoka’s book ‘Natural Farming’ online for free. He sez once U prune a tree, U’ll always have to prune. I’ve got tons of mulch growing that I will turn into the ground. I don’t turn the soil over. I open it w/ a flat shovel & drop leaves etc into it & close it so as not to expose the microbes to the sun. Have composting worms munching away in the kitchen next to the refer. Which makes for really rich soil. Anybody else doing sust. gard. near U? Peace.

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