organic gardening carrots beetroot lettuce corn squash natural snail and slug kill I took a video of my organic garden with my new flip camera to show you how to grow the indian style with putting everything in together. I did this because I was away when planting season began. I knew it still might frost but had to get it started. visit my brand new blog at and say hi if you like it and if you want some more info. People have been asking me how I cang row all organic and cope with the snails and slugs killing them naturally. It can be done easily. I will post how as soon as I figure out how to blog properly. please do comment and rate me as I am interested in seeing if people do want to see my garden.

4 Responses to “organic gardening carrots beetroot lettuce corn squash natural snail and slug kill”

  1. snailsandslugs says:

    Yes, it does look a mess.
    As I say in the video, I was going away for 8 weeks and
    could not look after it so I just planted very thickly about
    five different vegetables, it worked fantastically.
    I cam home to vegies ready to eat.
    lettuce, carrots, peas, the corn and beetroot all grew well
    and we ate off the garden every night.
    I do not fertilise except with organic seaweed.
    The soil is very fertile here, I guess.
    thanks for visiting and looking at my
    videos. Happy Gardening Everyon

  2. snailsandslugs says:

    no this way of planting does not keep snails away!

  3. mickyboy200768 says:

    my god, what a mess, lol , how can you feed or water all that variety of veg, corn need lot more feed than carrots, and if you feed corn correctly the carrots will get burned and die , but you obviously didnt feed them, you may need to rethink you approch to organic gardening and matching your veg, but i have to hand it to you, very good try

  4. 419boyos says:

    so are you saying planting this way will keep the snails away?

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