Organic Gardening in Georgia

The garden on May 16th, before the growth takes off. Info: Figs are easy to start by planting a small new branch and keeping it water for a month.

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  1. studiosanctuary says:

    Love the bird song-paradise

  2. bettya9 says:

    Wonderful garden. Here in Athens the squirrels eat all my figs. I’ll try your method and plant a new tree and maybe they will share! My pistachio tree is 6 years old, no nuts yet. My muscadines are all vine & no fruit. I’ll watch for your next video.

  3. odin422 says:

    thats an awesome backyard

  4. sebastianm1 says:

    Great vid brother, lots of good ideas in there too! Thanks for your time in sharing your garden . Peace

  5. utubepunk says:

    Great little vid. I’d be interested in that recycled shower-water system you use to water your garden. On your rain water barrel- why no filtration? Seems like a lot of gunk would be in the run-off from the roof. Keep up the good work.

  6. luminaia says:

    Excellent. Lot’s of good ideas.

  7. smognote says:

    loved it, please follow up on this

  8. gunapie says:

    Figs should live there. They will grow best if planted on the south facing wall of a building that has plenty of sun (the roots are aggressive house foundations). Once the trunk is about three years old it will stand a hard freeze of 15 degrees of a day or two. Start a new fig tree by burying a 3 foot new branch at a 30 degree angle with 6 inches above ground. Keep moist of two months and you have a fig tree. contact me for more tips.

  9. farmerburns says:

    looking forward to the folow up…the garden looks good! I like the shower/water recycling system. would figs do well in the mountains here in western north carolina…not a particulary high elevation in macon county?

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