Organic Gardening Pesticide Alternatives Tomato Horn Worm

Organic Gardening Rosedale Austin Pesticide Alternatives show you how to recognize Tomato Horn Worm destruction and how to fix this organically. All shown by Perry Henderson anAustin REALTOR at Prudential Texas Realty. When you select your Rosedale Austin REALTOR, the right REALTOR, like Perry Henderson and the Live Well Team, we’re here to help and never to busy for you or your referrals. Feel free to email us a question, request a new video showing or call now 512.791.7462

6 Responses to “Organic Gardening Pesticide Alternatives Tomato Horn Worm”

  1. morgan6196 says:

    i hate the hornworms with baby wasps they look discusting i just want to kill it but i heard dont cause it gets eaten by the wasps but there so ugly!

  2. wayniac917 says:

    3 of those damn things killed one of my little tomato plants. only reason i didnt kill it was because it was infested with parasitic wasp and they were dying anyways so i just removed them.

  3. perrytexas says:

    @philofthefuturr YES THEY ARE.

  4. philofthefuturr says:

    we just found one are they safe to hold

  5. GIR976 says:

    It looked like a candle cause we found one today

  6. marthale7 says:

    I got my 2nd attack today. And like you showed, it attacked from the top down. They eat massive amount in a short time.

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