Organic Gardening With Peter Bennett (Expert)

Videos are brought you from YouTube to match what you are looking for here on Gardening Resources. If you would like to see a specific video or have a subject covered, please don\\\’t hesitate to let us know. – Author of best selling book ‘Organic Gardening.’ Peter has devoted his life to the preservation of our environment and sustainable agricultue, teaching thousands his methods on Organic Gardening. More at

5 Responses to “Organic Gardening With Peter Bennett (Expert)”

  1. fannybaba says:

    At the moment we are at a crossroads, governments and countries realize that we need to do something about the way we produce our food, and how to produce enough for a growing population, but could very easily be swayed by the big corporate interests in agribusiness, its a bit of a David and Goliath fight.

  2. CelticSouthland says:

    My Grandfather never called it Organic Farming, he called it farming.

    He called the Corporate Oligarch method Chemical Farming.

    Even by that time, he could see that Chemical Farming is wrong.

  3. danetube30 says:

    Rest In Peace My Beautiful Father. You have contributed so much to our environment. Your Legacy will live on.

    Your Son,


  4. jihadacadien says:

    Great video…..good that at least some people are going back to the right way of gardening =)

  5. DanOManno says:

    I really appreciate your approach to healthy produce through sound soil management. I have done a few videos on both cold frames and raised beds and have developed a rudimentary understanding of how it is that the microbes in a healthy soil actually feed the plants that feed us. Thanks.

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