Organic Herb Gardening Tips : Herb Garden Growing Tips

Growing an organic herb garden is easy with these tips, get expert tips and advice on organic herb gardening in this free video. Expert: Gale Gassiot Bio: Gale Gassiot makes her own organic compost or “gardener’s black gold.”

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  1. pepperjoe12 says:

    Nice Herbs…but check out vodeos on Giant tomatoes, eating Ghost Pepeprs and Fun 6’6″ Pepper guy on my You-Tube.

  2. TheGartenGrl says:


  3. manzoor35 says:

    Very nice, it is also very much informaton video thanks to all

  4. polmadamba says:

    very informative video on herb gardening. thanks for posting.

    pol madamba

  5. AJQuinteiro says:

    The new Food Safety Modernization Act will eventually outlaw private gardens. Soon only the giant multinational corporations will control all food and water.

    Help raise awareness about this issue before it’s too late!

  6. kennysc12 says:

    ive planted my cress 4 or more months ago and it is only 2 inches tall.

  7. LaminatedGardenGuide says:

    As far as pests are concerned, there are only a few you need to worry about with most herbs. Be on the lookout for red spider mites and aphids particularly. If you plant mints, check periodically for rust. You can mix a little castile soap with water and use a fine sprayer to wash off your herbs periodically to prevent these common pests.

  8. colebeep says:

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  9. metaldrummer3211 says:

    I would love to learn how to use compost with a container garden in my apartment.

  10. cardclashers says:

    I grow:
    Cress, Basil and Parsley. Yay!!!
    I have LOADS OF CRESS.
    I also have loads of Mustard, but that’s not a Herb.
    Nice video, I’ll rate this 5 stars.

  11. phoflex says:

    i wear a chinese coolie hat it works great but i look like a commy… o well

  12. GaurdDuck says:

    I don’t see why you’d get flak for saying this; I was gonna say the same thing. ‘Course I went to school for Horticultue/Landscaping, and am an urban homesteader, so I just hope she doesn’t wear those to till in. If so, then I’m certain her toes are prosthetics.

  13. GaurdDuck says:

    I wear a cowboy hat or my riffleman’s hat (resembles an Amish hat w/ one side pinned up) to keep the sun at bay.

  14. GaurdDuck says:

    I use a hunting knife for this task. It’s way easier than a shovel.

  15. EbolaV1rus says:

    Make sure if you do this you only use ONE teaspoon of miracle grow! It has to be very diluted. Too much will cause burning and even more stress on the plant.
    1 teaspoon for 5 gallons of water. Also make sure you keep the bucket covered if you have pets so they don’t drink the water.

  16. EbolaV1rus says:

    One thing I do when transplanting plants from one area to another is this:
    I fill a 5 gallon bucket with water and put one teaspoon of miracle grow in the water and make sure it’s disolved well. Then place the plant or plants into the bucket and leave them for a few hours or even overnight.

    I do this with all my plants I move and it really reduces shock. I did this with some irises one spring, and they bloomed that summer!

  17. theveggiedude says:

    i’ve started an information blog about veggie gardening, self sufficiency and sustainability…thought some of you guys might be interested,,,

    if you are, give me a yell 🙂 e-mail my youtube account

    cheers guys

  18. HelpSpreadTheLove says:

    Didn’t need a shovel… that’s funny because she didn’t. If you laughed like I did, you probably like gardening humor. If so, check out “WE GROW TOGETHER”

  19. Killbride says:

    She didn’t need a shovel to dig that plant up. She could have dug it out with a small transplanter or a cultivator which would separate the roots from the dirt easily.

  20. neoartifact says:

    I have basil which looked like a pile of dead leaves and they weren’t even 1cm (1/3 inch) tall. Now the basil is 30cm (12 inches) tall and is the best growing plant I have. I bought the basil for AU$0.10. Looking in bargain bins at the nursery really pays off.

  21. amanteunica says:

    This lady has lots of videos in Youtube. In all of them (at least in most I watched) she never wore the correct shoe to work in her garden. When working with light – heavy to somewhat dangerous tools, we need to wear PROPER SHOES (boots, tennis shoes etc) to prevent getting hurt from tools falling in our feet. Not to mention it will also protect our feet from getting dirty. I wonder how many hours a day she’ll spend cleaning her nails….better invest that time to air the compost bin…

  22. evegpt says:

    Not to me…it keeps the sun off your neck and out of your eyes…I live on the Coast and if you garden,,you absolutely need either this stye of hat or a bandana and cap..

  23. Kaknelson says:

    caring wombman
    bless her

  24. djmainhouse says:

    wrong tool and she did alot of wrong things
    no shoes ,glooves and water .

  25. fashslut23 says:

    Most herbs are well hard, they can take a bit of push and shove 🙂 I’ve planted what looks like dead root stock in the past and been most surprised!

  26. MyGreenThumb says:

    Posted –> Organic Herb Gardening Tips : Herb Garden Growing Tips

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