Organic lawn care tips: How to grow a green lawn organically Organic lawn care tips: How to grow a green lawn organically You don’t have to use chemicals to get a lush, green lawn. Scott Meyer, editor of Organic Gardening shows how to green your lawn safely, without harmful chemicals. Keywords: organic lawn care tips green lawn care

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  1. mmmmmarcus says:

    If you live in socal, you have to battle aggressive, nearly ineradicable weeds like Dallas grass, which is spread by illegal alien landscapers.

  2. redbutterflyz says:

    @erikinhawaii don’t worry 🙂 and happy to hear that you like the video. I am sorry too if I made you feel uncomfortable…

  3. erikinhawaii says:

    @redbutterflyz I’m sorry , really. Maybe I just was a little cranky. Did like the video though.

  4. redbutterflyz says:

    @MegaBatboy123 good suggestion. Thanks!

  5. redbutterflyz says:

    @erikinhawaii You just can’t let other people say right things. Quibble.

  6. dakosoft1 says:

    @erikinhawaii xaxaaxaxxaxaxaaxaa uxauaxauxuauxuaxuauxuuxauxua axaxaxaxa exexxeeexexeexexxexeexex

  7. MegaBatboy123 says:

    If you want to leave the clippings on the yard, as he suggests at the end, get a mulching mower, or see if your mower will mulch. If you’re not cutting a ridiculous amount of grass off the top, it will look like it was bagged. A mulching mower traps the grass cut under the mower and chops it up really small, the blade is designed to create lift on the uncut grass, and lets the small pieces fall down to the roots. Looks good and it’s good for your grass, if cut regularly.

  8. wiam333 says:

    @erikinhawaii It might be a salt water pool, it has chlorine but way less than an only chlorine pool. Salt water pool is the way to go

  9. CommentClown says:

    Urea is a chemical. Yes.
    What is an organic compound? A carbon based chemical. The world gets a little bit stupider every year. This type of branding just makes it worse.

  10. kmsiever says:

    @luwdmke And it increases flooding problems.

  11. txrepgirl says:

    Thank you for the great info 🙂 .

  12. miketonon says:

    correction; every lawn needs TO GET NUTRIENTS, it doesn’t necessarilly need to be fertalized by you.

  13. TheHabit00 says:

    scott meyer is a great teacher! i learned a lot thanks howdini

  14. flavordave73 says:

    @cheerfulleigh Epsom salts are not actually a salt but contains Phospherous and nitrogen. The sugar acts as a stimulant. Mix 4lbs epsom with 1lb confectioners sugar with your regular fertilizer. Spread as usual. You can Googlesearch that combo to see results. This combo gives a deep green lawn. Also try a bag of organic nitrogen from home depot. Its about $12 and will not burn your lawn. Works great.

  15. cheerfulleigh says:

    @flavordave73 What does Epxome salt and suger do? Fill me in please.

  16. erikinhawaii says:

    You don’t want the kids to get poisoned running on the lawn- just let them swim in that chlorine pool.

  17. flavordave73 says:

    Epsom salt and sugar. Bam

  18. Thezipprite1 says:

    Go to This Channel , Zipprite , Check it Out .

  19. bluejacket83 says:

    @nacholibreanglais the point is to save the environment….agreed, i keep my lawn short. midway on the deck height

  20. bluejacket83 says:

    @Tommos34 honestly, nothing i think

  21. katkollmer says:

    @AIRSOFT24503 lol…no I mean Chicken poo?

  22. AIRSOFT24503 says:

    @katkollmer you have a cockapoo, so do i!

  23. steve89z says:

    exc advice,exactly what i do,but this year i now have a push reel mower,no gas,oil,and that mess! and it pushes easier than my gas one!

  24. katkollmer says:

    What about Cockapoo?

  25. katkollmer says:

    @GardenDocSC Yep…I am from Texas and growing the bermuda and Augustine long will prevent weeds. I never use weed and feed ever!

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