Organic Slug Control

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Slugs and snails can destroy plants in the garden. Sluggo is an environmentally sound way to help control these pests.

4 Responses to “Organic Slug Control”

  1. ccm800 says:

    @cliffcox66 LOL!

  2. cliffcox66 says:

    @ccm800 Well, the slugs get what they deserve because they did not respect the private property signs. But, this all goes back to basic education. If the slugs attended school, even public education, they could understand the private property signs and become good citizens, and not be pests. Maybe even contribute to society.

  3. ccm800 says:

    yeah but thats mean – it tears them up like GLASS!

  4. ShonHealth says:

    You can also just sprinkle some corn meal every couple weeks.

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