Organic Vegetable Gardening

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  1. hottdog2007 says:

    @aus2045 where?

  2. HackerGuitarist says:

    @invisiblegardener I use linseed oil

  3. Revolutionisnow1 says:

    Good video learned a bit, keep up the good work. I will agree that once wood rots I will rebuild bed as all mine are made from scrap wood so it didn’t cost me anything. I love almost free food, if you don’t count your time and to me its fun.

  4. TheWillowwaterer says:

    o.0 . move maybe ?

  5. aus2045 says:

    But it only rains here once every 3-6 years

  6. TheWillowwaterer says:

    gonna have to think different for your climate … condensation capture into poly tunnels an recycle, mebbe ? idk ….

  7. aus2045 says:

    Even my water bill is $80 a month, just to keep them alive.

  8. TheWillowwaterer says:

    Plastic bottle, factory made … aint going nowhere near my raised bed wood, no way, … when it rots , I’ll make another, that way I”M sure ….it’s pure !

    damn tho man thats a big bed

  9. TheWillowwaterer says:

    err, yeah man your nuts, you dont need to spend much except on maybe some seeds and a lil bit of irrigation or if the soils real bad a bit to mix into what ya have .

    food for free !

  10. rosuabsc says:

    Do you have a product name for the orange stuff… Thanks..

  11. doctordude says:

    good information, thanks

  12. MyGreenThumb says:

    Posted –> Organic Vegetable Gardening

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  13. aus2045 says:

    It’s really nice to grow like this, but dam it’s expensive. I have 8 beds now, 10’x4′. Each cost me about $1000au ($800us) to build and fill. So there is $8000au before i even grew 1 plant…. I had to ask myself how many organic vegies could i buy for $8000? Shit loads… It will take me 127 years of growing to just break even on the investment… Am i nuts????

  14. invisiblegardener says:

    Ok heres the deal
    dont buy these small bottles just order the gallon size from the company.
    also you can actually spray it on the wood or even use a paintbrush. Spraying on the wood is easier just mix with equal parts mineral oil.. so 1 gallon citrus and 1 gallon mineral oil. That should do several beds. ie you only need to spray a small amount on the wood then rub in with cloth.

  15. Pimporly says:

    yeah but you need like a thousand of those “citrus” bottles to treat all your wood!

  16. lzcracker says:

    yeah, if you put too much dihydrogen monoxide on your plants they die……..

  17. fragmat says:

    I liked the video and it has given me ideas, thank you

  18. scarygary76 says:


  19. deathlaychur says:

    Okay that dude looks kind of like that guy from trainspotting going for a job interview haha crack head

  20. W1tchingHour says:

    LOL “Oh hi!” LOL Cute

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