Outback Matty at an organic garden knocking up tasty salads!

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www.mathewmckenzie.com.au Matthew McKenzie spent a day out in an organic garden outside Melbourne and whipped up an amazing video podcast about salads. Location: Veg Out Community Gardens, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

25 Responses to “Outback Matty at an organic garden knocking up tasty salads!”

  1. OutbackMatty says:

    Hello splitza,

    ST Kilda is correct. Loads of fresh organic produce growing from the ground up. It’s great to see a community come together like this. They create good healthy organic gardens everyone can enjoy.

  2. splitza says:

    it’s just off acland street i think. like right behind luna park

  3. splitza says:

    veg out garden is st. kilda?

  4. EliteVideoGamer says:

    Great dishes! Those dishes look amazing.
    Where abouts in St Kilda is that place?
    Is it open to the public?
    Oh also, do you know the name/model of the camera that was used to film this clip?

  5. Fazza1980 says:

    That was good bro….I am just wondering when ya comeing back to OZ to stratford victoria to cook me some banger’s and mash!!!!!! on ya matty… Sam Farrell

  6. dobsy86 says:

    num num num num num ning bruv come out for a froffee

  7. OutbackMatty says:

    I am now currently in Japan -Hakuba, Goryu at the snow helping Aqua Alpine, Hakuba’s newest 4 star Boutique Hotel launch there restaurant and H20 bar. I’m heading the team of fine chefs in the kitchen, & have just finished creating my first signature Japanese menu which encludes Hakuba’s first Molecular Gastronomy fine dining experience with flavored foams and dry ice effects. My goal is to put this restaurant on the map and give Aqua Alpine there 5 stars recognition.


  8. michy089 says:

    always the best <3

  9. TheKnittingSongbird says:

    Wish I was in me mum’s beautiful and sunny garden in Sydney making one of these salads instead of being stuck in wet and dreary Zagreb 🙁 Lovely vid, by the way!

  10. Gigi086 says:

    i wish i have a garden like this

  11. greenjellybeanzz says:

    Great vid. Love the snack you made for yourself too, made me laugh.

  12. wowfactormax says:

    BRILLIANT !!!!!! Thats A+ stuff mate !!!

  13. shabbychique says:

    marry me?

  14. Gaethor says:

    yeah dude dat`s cool!!!amd good work you are talentus

  15. mishmo says:

    I’ve been there- though it was a few years ago. Great Video!

  16. supersammie89 says:

    That was amazing!

  17. d237447q says:

    Very good – More videos please!

  18. Supersaiiyin says:

    yeahhh! take it off!

  19. petisonga says:

    uuuhhmmm delicious

  20. aus2045 says:

    Hey dat’s allright eh! Goodone!

  21. jonmelsa says:

    The St. Kilda gardens!!!! Miss it miss it miss it!!!!

  22. alondennis says:

    at first i thought u were taking the piss and i thought u were being a wanker….turns out i was the wanker ….im impressed, well done!

  23. shireenj says:

    Well donw – beautiful – thank you

  24. OutbackMatty says:

    Hey Guys I will update you soon!

  25. AsifBok says:

    Bruise… Bruce… like tipicall OZ name…?
    Bruce n Sheila… Joke!
    Oh well…

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