Planting a vegetable garden: Day 2

Today I completed my home vegetable garden & showed the steps to reach the completion. This video was created for, a Health & Fitness Site that gives new meaning to what it means to be on a diet!

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  1. ferrari4sale says:

    I think you should look into square foot garden. It’s much easier to take care of, more product for less space, and less water needed.

  2. YourGardenShow says:

    interesting project!

  3. tinoamor says:

    Awesome. I could see the tree shade so I was wondering about the sunlight too…

    put mulch on top, to retain moisture under the ground.

    …also, invest in drip irrigation

    also, …spend more time watching the growth..that way the bigger pests will know you’re there, and will likely stay away…

    Some of your neighbors might have tall trees and pests may drop down to your garden, just another thought…

    …and finally, the true benefit is the delicious veggies

  4. 19dcs93 says:

    make sure it is old to or it’ll burn your pants

  5. 19dcs93 says:

    trust me it helps

  6. MovingPixelFilms says:

    I’ll try that and I’m not a fan of cow manure but maybe I’ll try that too.

  7. MovingPixelFilms says:

    Thanks Chris,

    That sounds like it’ll work. We’re planning a new garden in the same spot and I’ll definitely try that there. Sorry about not posting the finished product, I ran out of time and was too busy. The bell peppers, tomatoes, & chili’s did really well the rest kind of grew small than died out. It was just too packed as I new it would be but it was a lesson nonetheless.

  8. MovingPixelFilms says:

    The wall doesn’t discourage the sun as the sun directly lights up the garden for the better part of the day. The problem was that the left side of the garden was overshadowed by our orange tree and those plants under it didn’t do too well.

  9. MovingPixelFilms says:

    Awesome, I’m glad you made progress with yours! This garden has died and we’re already planning a new one in the same place but definitely less crowded.

  10. 19dcs93 says:

    and i do it but if you always take the plants out of there cups or biodegradeble cases they will grow faster.

  11. 19dcs93 says:

    you are really doing most of it right
    but try cowmanure it might be grose to you but i really dont mind it and it is a slow relese fertilizer and will last the entire year

  12. Wizechris1 says:

    Okay i know your not a pro neither am i. But i have some advice for you. Since u have the tomato plants bought from the nursery, it woulda be better to pinch off alot of the bottom branched and only leaving the ones at the very top. This creates a strong root system=more water get to the plant=more nutrient=tomatoes wont become victim of diseases. Anyway nice garden and u enver shown us the finished product. Good Luck


  13. joisfantastic says:

    does the wall dicourage sun at all? and i love your concept of making diet’s history. it won’t… but at least people can stumble upon this as well! let’s make the government go green!

  14. mokes1witmi says:

    Actually they are coming along really nice. So far they have sprouted and grown well in pots. Very soon they will be transplanted into the earthboxes. Well they are really homemade earthboxes, because the original one is like 65 bucks each and I have to pay expensive shipping to Hawaii on top of that. So I found an awesome diagram online with lots of photos and you can basically make your very own earthbox that will work perfectly. If you want the diagram let me know.

  15. MovingPixelFilms says:

    How is your garden coming along?

  16. mokes1witmi says:

    Too bad for the ones that didn’t make it. Well I started my seeds yesterday. I planted lots of veggies. I’m going to use the earthbox method, which I understand is suppose to save space and water. Wish me luck as this will be my first attempt at veggies. Flowers are my specialty. Aloha from Hawaii!

  17. MovingPixelFilms says:

    Thanks! Sadly, there won’t be a follow up video. I’ve been really busy with my company. I can say however that it was too crowded and the plants competed for light and water. The tomatoes, chiles, and Herbs did well but everything else died early on. Let me know how yours comes out.

  18. mokes1witmi says:

    I love the green bean song. So is a follow up video coming soon? I’m curious what I can do with a small space of my own. Crowded is fine with me as long as they fruit. Looks lovely btw.

  19. MovingPixelFilms says:

    Thanks! I tried to make it fun.

  20. missydrms says:

    Good video…….alot of info, and not boring!! Thanks..

  21. MovingPixelFilms says:

    Thanks Crewlla, I wish I would’ve had that knowledge before hand. I definitely need to do a follow up video because it’s a monster garden now, bursting at the seems!

  22. crewlla says:

    the best way to do any back yard gardens is Square foot gardening. Every square equals a plant……example……
    green bell pepers 1 square, Tomato 1 square leafy lettus 4 per square. corn 1 square. Green onions (bunching onion) 16 per square.Cabbage 1 per square, carrots 16 per square. ext..then all you need is the sun, good soil and water. your lucky your first garden only cost 200 mine cost 5000 anyway… have fun. you wil become addicted to it, just like the rest of us crazies…. 🙂

  23. MovingPixelFilms says:

    Thanks Chazz! I guess its all a learning process. So its a bulb planter…thanks.

  24. chazzbo77 says:

    Oh and by the way, that tool that you don’t know the name for that pulls the soil out in the perfect shape.. it’s called a bulb planter. Again, good luck with your garden!

  25. chazzbo77 says:

    Neat. I’m looking forward to it. It is set up beautifully though. You made use of the small space you had to do it. I wish you the best with it and I’ll be looking out for your video.

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