Potato Fruit – Yes, FRUIT above Potatoes leaves

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Potatoes are vegetables that grow BELOW ground. BUT, occasionally they have FRUIT growing ABOVE ground, up on the potato leaves. They look VERY similar to Tomatoes (Tomatoes and Potatoes are in the same family), but Potato Fruit are reportedly poison to humans.

2 Responses to “Potato Fruit – Yes, FRUIT above Potatoes leaves”

  1. OrganicGarden123 says:

    @MegaHazzer123 If we used the seeds from the “potato fruit”, we would grow more spuds/potatoes, but the genetics/qualities of the potatoes would be very variable: maybe better/worse/different than the qualities of the spuds you grew them from.

  2. MegaHazzer123 says:

    do you think if you cultivated these they’d become like tomatoes?

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