Raw Food Episode 18 – Organic Gardening

Raw food information. In this outtake from “Supercharge Me!”, Jenna learns about organic gardening from someone she met in San Diego while going raw for thirty days.

3 Responses to “Raw Food Episode 18 – Organic Gardening”

  1. pyogazel says:

    You can grow vegetables indoor : try vertical gardening, hanging tomato plants, one-pot herb garden, even sprouts, possibilities are endless! my mum used to grow chayotte, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, limes, cucumbers and squash in our appartment, it was loads of fun!

  2. guest2424 says:

    I wonder if that lady in the hat worm composts also. If I was her, I would tell people that I accept donations.

  3. yardsnacker says:

    I would love to have a garden…dang city livin! 🙂 Thanks 4 your vid!

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