Rawmodel – Planting a Fig Tree the Organic Way

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www.blackbirdnaturals.com http We’ve been planting lots down in Arizona, and our latest addition is the wonderful Black Mission Fig. We planted it in the slope of the hill so there were more rocks to deal with, but with this “dish of love”, we have created a beautiful pocket for the tree to thrive. By the way, I know I said fungi(s)…I rolled my eyes as soon as I heard it haha. Thanks everyone! Enjoy and start planting! No better time than now!

21 Responses to “Rawmodel – Planting a Fig Tree the Organic Way”

  1. fackVC says:

    I just planted my fig tree today. I used steer manure and native soil, and a little bit of mulch on top and bottom of the tree.
    My 20 bucks fig tree also bought at home depot is much smaller than your.

  2. aztecamama says:

    Wow! Thanks so much for posting. My 12yo son and hubs are preparing an area for a garden and within a year, we’ll start planting fruit and nut trees. I love figs. Keep up the great work. Very inspiring.

  3. LeijaTurunen says:

    @Rawmodel YES! I am in HEAVEN here! I checked out the Puna area the other day and WOW!! The energy there is reeeeallly magical- you were right! 🙂

  4. Rawmodel says:

    @cellulitelove My pleasure!! Im glad the videos are finally coming down the pipe frequently. Gonna really keep em coming. Thanks or the energy.

  5. Rawmodel says:

    @LeijaTurunen Thanks Leija!! I heard you made it to Hawaii!! Watching now! Congrats!!!

  6. LeijaTurunen says:

    Yay! Thank-you for all the new vids! They’re definitely very helpful & inspiring as usual! <3

  7. cellulitelove says:

    My grandmother has a fig tree in her backyard. MMMM they are so delicious. Thanks for the frequent video posts!

  8. rkventures says:

    Good that you planted high like you did. Most people don’t know that if you plant above the root can kill a newly planted tree. And as you said they always settle down after watering and such.

  9. feralkevin says:

    But now you gotta water it. 🙂

  10. Necrowitch says:

    i love the vid! mixing ntive soil in sounds great! =D

  11. aurykl says:

    @StrawberryBigMac beats MN!

  12. izarob says:

    … and persimmons, gojis, avocados, mangos,…

  13. izarob says:

    Your black sapote could thrive fine there too.

  14. tammyfana says:

    thats beautiful. i can feel the fig tree smiling

  15. eamonchamp says:


  16. kodakZX1 says:

    Your enthusiasm is addictive.

  17. kodakZX1 says:

    @leafydog Ditto

  18. MyTwofourseven says:

    Doggy…s!!!!!! YEY!!

  19. StrawberryBigMac says:

    why are you in arizona?

  20. angelbe88 says:

    is this a good time to plant fig? I just got a pomegranate and I’m still learning how to take care of fruit trees.

  21. leafydog says:

    I’m so excited to see that you’re doing more videos. I’m learning a lot about the raw diet from you and I love to watch people practice permaculture. We all need to share our ideas. Great job!

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