Rawmodel’s Organic Grapefruit Citrus Juice w Sunwarrior Ormus Greens

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www.blackbirdnaturals.com http We are really upping the juice intake this week, so I wanted to show you all a time-tested method of mine that Ive been doing for quite a while – Citrus diluted w/ water and green powder…you cant beat it. Ive become a large fan of Ormus Greens from Sunwarrior.com…check them out! Grown in volcanic soil and full of probiotics. Enjoy the video!

23 Responses to “Rawmodel’s Organic Grapefruit Citrus Juice w Sunwarrior Ormus Greens”

  1. crazyy88s says:

    Thank you I found all of this very informative. BTW what kin do juicer do you use
    I bought one and I didnt like it, but yours seems to work pretty well. TY

  2. GabyBRR says:

    It is great that you encourage people to try different things and experiment themselves! Have a Wonderful day! <3 <3 Peace

  3. MadelynWithRawFood says:

    Never thought about feeding my plants the left over juice. LOVE that idea. Thanks for the delicious juice recipe. Have a wonderful day.

  4. rawutah says:

    whoops..triple post…still getting used to this new YouTube interface..

  5. rawutah says:

    whoops..triple post…still getting used to this new YouTube interface..

  6. rawutah says:

    the little one..looks very happy…will be fun to watch her grow up! Much love..these videos are great!!

  7. NaddiShapes says:

    mmmmm 🙂

  8. NaddiShapes says:

    mmmmm 🙂

  9. rubyvrom17 says:

    Loving your latest videos….

  10. permacultureli says:

    great ideas.

  11. yardsnacker says:

    word, love the new digs

  12. btigtime2 says:

    @rayme4raw LOL Obamacare is great if you like picking someone else’s fruit…

    Just joking of course, I gave up on all governments years ago. Great Vid.

  13. rayme4raw says:

    @btigtime2 Bad laws are made to be broken, like Obamacare.

  14. Necrowitch says:

    I love it! looks yummy! i had been wondering if my vitamix residue would be good for my plants! glad to know it is! =^-^=

  15. dieselmota says:

    Hi, I’m in Phoenix, too. I’ve been thinking about going up to Harding Spring in Sedona. How much do you bring back and how long does that last you?

  16. robuzy says:

    Sweet vid, i made a green smoothie this morning and it tasted like crap – im a slow learner. And you really just inspired me to grow some stuff in my back yard, and maybe comb my hair back, haha, cheers.

  17. jihadacadien says:

    Drive thru pick up!? Awsome!

  18. grnthmb says:

    Nice idea. I’ve got lots of citrus in my fridge, but they’re certainly not as fresh as yours! 🙂

  19. btigtime2 says:

    Ummm I love this Video, you are right about everything except…. I think that is stealing. There is a law in most states that allows you to have one…. 200, is poaching. Still rated it 5 stars because I’m an outlaw too.

  20. jynxmeTHREE says:

    I love your videos man. Keep em coming. Good Vibes! : )

  21. leafydog says:

    Awesome! I approve! Good idea, using the rinds as mulch!

  22. green2lean says:

    I agree man! 100%! Never read a book, say by Doug Graham for instance, and then make that your bible. Experiment and keep an open mind. What is best for you one minute may be different the next. When you box yourself into being dogmatic about eating, you’ve really given up your freedom to live.

  23. ThePermaTechChannel says:

    I like the new style on your videos!
    Really got a nice feeling to them!

    I’m stuck in Sweden with 35cm snow still…and you pick 200 grapefruits without getting out of the car!! There is now justice in this world! 😉

    Keep up the good work!

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