Rototilling Video

Organic gardening begins with understanding the soil

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  1. annagitana1 says:

    Thanks for the video. You rock! Questions: 1. The rototill looked hard to handle for a large man. I’m a small gal. Can I maneuver one with ease? 2. Can this be used to even out a lawn that is wavy? can this be used to break up a thick mat of grass that is not allowing hew, strong growth? 3. Is deep tilling destructive to the soil? 4. Doesn’t the grass cause weeds if you till it in? Thanks!

  2. tarabuddelight says:

    So informative! I like your video!

  3. hottie1415 says:

    The comments are the best part of this video!

  4. WinWinSituations says:

    Love the sped up time w/the chipmunk voice & the spanish dude in the background!!!

  5. troyapple says:

    nice video! thanks!

  6. crabtrap says:

    Damn, Sasquatch has come a long way since the 70’s

  7. lanesteele240 says:

    rock on dude

  8. RivenrockGardens says:


    Any resemblance to other persons whether actual or fictional is purely accidental.

  9. RivenrockGardens says:


    How could you tell?

    I had my dark sunglasses on…

  10. lanesteele240 says:

    first rule for operating a tiller. dont smoke weed and get high before use

  11. crazy650c says:

    ZZ Top does gardening?

  12. RivenrockGardens says:

    LOL, that was about wo years growth, I let it go for another year…. but eventually cut it off…. I’m back to a Fu-Manchu now.

  13. jtravis77 says:

    love the beard… How many years is that?

  14. kansasa1 says:

    Great video, well done and very informative 🙂 Thanks!

  15. FallenIsBabylon7 says:

    give thanks!

  16. yykm10 says:

    Great! THANKS!!!

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