Stuck in Vermont 134: Pete’s Greens

6/23/09: Pete’s Greens is a four season organic vegetable farm in Craftsbury. Eva talks to Pete and Meg about the current farming trend, local food as the new growth industry in rural areas and the idea that VT could one day feed itself. Featured: Music: The Jazz Guys, A Blessing in Disguise, “The $6000 Million Dollar Man” Greg Davis, Curling Pond Woods, “Brocade (Rewoven)” Location: Pete’s Greens Four Season Organic Vegetable Farm, Craftsbury, VT

4 Responses to “Stuck in Vermont 134: Pete’s Greens”

  1. thaitea10 says:

    Wow–even the animals are happy!
    I’m in the other extreme of the country in the desert southwest, and I wonder if a 4 season farm is possible here….

  2. dindaadaa says:

    Nice greens, however, after two years and over 16,000 hits, I am still the Strawberry king. Nobody (in VT or anywhere) has found a bigger one. Thanks 7days.

  3. iveena says:

    Steve’s Greens……..Yummmm
    How can I hear the whole theme song?
    AND why would ANYONE want to leave Vermont. I love being stuck here. Ninth generation here.

  4. iveena says:

    Yummmm. How can I hear the whole theme song and why would anyone want to get out of Vermont? I love being suck here.

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