Tom Wyatt Talks About Your Lawn & Pee

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Tom Wyatt is an Australian Author who is also on ABC Regional Radio to discuss Organic Gardening.

2 Responses to “Tom Wyatt Talks About Your Lawn & Pee”

  1. bobv42yt says:

    Of course, an even better solution to lawn problems is to turn it into a vege garden. Lay down wet newspapers, some chicken manure, lucerne, more manure, then sugar cane mulch. Put some compost on top to plant seedlings into, then water. Actually, probably better to water at every stage. This can be done on a lawn, or any surface really, even concrete.

  2. abarry90 says:

    What? When my 4 year old pees on the lawn (or anywhere else) my dogs IMMEDIATELY go and mark on the same spot. Dogs are territorial and they mark their territory. If they think someone else is encroaching (pee that is not theirs) they will remark. How about the old fire hydrant jokes? Why does a dog pee on a hydrant? Because the last 50 dogs to walk by also peed on the same hydrant. How would pee on a lawn keep dogs (maybe cats) off it? If anything, it would attract them!

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