Truth About Organic Gardening, Overview, Tips, Advice

Truth About Organic Gardening, Overview, Tips, Advice Organic gardener and Author Jayson Patrick gives you an overview or what vegetable gardening and fruit gardening the organic way is all about. Whats the difference between conventional gardening and organic gardening? Is organic food really more safe to eat than conventionally farmed foods? What are some good organic gardening tips? Here is some gardening advice. Is organic really not healthier? Can you grow organic good, organic tea and organic herbs at home? What are the benefits of organic gardening and organic foods? Visit Jayson Patricks Website at This video was produced by Psychetruth Psychetruth is empowered by TubeMogul © Copyright 2009 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.

26 Responses to “Truth About Organic Gardening, Overview, Tips, Advice”

  1. flubno says:

    Monsanto’s GMO stuff isn’t required to label thier crappy products . They thought it might freak people out and not want to buy it. They lobbied the government hard not to label thier products. They are right, i absolutely dont want to eat thier GMO crap.We need GMO labeling on food !

  2. Like2MilkGoats says:

    whats with the name of this vid? The truth, the theres a conspiracy or something???

  3. falci01 says:

    The organic stuff is more expensive first of all because they are not subsidized, that means that non organic food is expensive too, you just don’t see it at the supermarket shelf, but you fell it in your pocket without noticing it. That’s the hole thing… Because taxes that are going into subsidies are paid from your pocket, while the organic farmer don’t receive any subsidies… Was I clear?

  4. trinitycrystal says:

    I would say the reason for higher prices is because the people who care enough about the environment and their own health are willing to pay the extra amount.

    They have such huge markups because they can.
    That would be my best (if uninformed) guess.

  5. Sonofthebeach009 says:

    Fungicides just kill fungus. The pesticides are definitely harmful. Also I don’t think you mentioned genetically modified organisms. Monsanto’s products actually require their chemicals to grow. These chemicalls are extremely harmful to the environment and destroy the microbial life in the soil. This depletes the amount of nutrition that the plant provides. Of course nobody knows this because of the sheer number of Monsanto executives appointed to head the FDA, EPA, and USDA.

  6. Sonofthebeach009 says:

    Two reasons I can think of:
    1. The government is actually subsidizing
    Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and other crops. This is driving down the farmer’s cost and causing these foods to be cheaper. This system is not sustainable and requires large amounts of herbicides and pesticides to continue production.
    2. Organic food stores like Whole Foods and Chamberlains have at least a 200% markup on their products.

  7. Airemix says:

    One thing I’ve always wondered about organic food is, why is it so expensive? Maybe it’s just in my area, but every time I’ve gone to an organic store, prices are up to 25% higher than “normal” grocery stores. Even at the farmer’s market, many farmers who tout themselves as ‘organic’ charge more than farmers who don’t. What it ends up looking like to me as a consumer is that they’re charging more to /not/ put chemicals all over the food. Does anyone know if there’s a reason for this?

  8. GoodLiven says:

    Truth About Organic Gardening, Overview, Tips, Advice : Gardening …: Resources, Tips and Techniques For A Health…

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  9. ChristineBriana says:

    i wasnt talking about organic, i was responding to some other person in here somewhere that was saying that pesticides “realistically” need to be used on large scale farms, which I don’t agree with.

    I dont know why my post didnt appear under the persons that I tried responding to

  10. patzivota22 says:

    but in organic farming – man-made pesticides are rarely used, and if they are, it’s such a small amount that there’s no, or very, very little risk of bugs and so forth developing immunity.

  11. waynebw says:

    I think ChristineBriana missed the point of ORGANIC

  12. patzivota22 says:

    DO you even watch this video? Most organic farmers, if some type of pest control is needed, use natural pest solutions. If they have to use synthetic pesticides – it’s very, very little and very limited.

    Organic is always better than non-organic.

  13. ChristineBriana says:

    One thing you need to take into consideration is that the more a pesticide is used, the more a pest will become resistant to it over time… then you need an even more potent pesticide

  14. JDLikesThisSite says:

    I disagree with all of the Organic bashers. I eat totally Organic food, and yes, he is right. We should all do that. That is what is natural, and to be healthy, you can’t mess with nature. Our ancestors always did all natural, and with that being the case, cancer was barely common once. In these decades and today, we would all be much healthier if it wasn’t for all of the poisoned commercial stuff that exists out there.

  15. 1Longshadow says:

    Wow, interesting how so many people are paranoid, feeling attacked and justifying eating non organic food. Consider this, eat gmo (Genetic modified orginism) foods = get GMO results. Ever consider what kind of results you can get from eating chicken raied in little cages there entire life? Thinking that you can possibly replace all the benefits of “Whole food” with a “one a day ” pill? Wake up and smell your morning acid, i mean coffee. If you create an envirrnment for disease to live it will…

  16. JaydeeVonJ says:

    This is something people tend to forget. Too much of anything is bad for you. Heck, too much water is bad for your body.

    Much of organic eating is based on the “holier than thou” concept in my opinion. Many people who do eat raw and vegan and such always say “Well I’m not going to be like everyone else and destroy my body and the planet.”

    Look up Penn and Tellers Bullshit episode on organic foods. It’s quite interesting.

  17. JaydeeVonJ says:

    Whose to say that organic farmers are 100% positive when it comes to whats sprayed on their crops? Organic farmers still use these chemical pesticides on their crops. They have to if they want to grow a decent amount. They may not use as much as conventional farmers, but it’s still used.

  18. patzivota22 says:

    Man made pesticides are the devil for anyone and anything out there. DDT is one of the worlds most poisonous man-made chemicals, DDT has thankfully been banned for agricultural use worldwide under the Stockholm Convention but is still manufactured and used in many areas, sometimes illegally.

    It’s used to kill mosquitos mostly now-a-days, & reduce malaria, which it does. But natural, way less-harmful mosquito killers work but some people like going down the hard-core, more dangerous route w/DDT.

  19. Nebbyker says:

    Um you do your research…our bodies do indeed store bad stuff…low fluoride dosage in the water ends up in your bones and pineal gland, women’s breasts can absorb underarm deodorant chems and develop tumors just to name 2 ways. Sure 1 chem in low dosage may be safe to eat but there are no studies on what happens when you mix 100 of these chemicals together and how they can all react differently inside all of us. So many ppl with diff metabolism can react differently to the same chems.

  20. RCinPAWA says:

    I’m glad you’re eating organic.

    I don’t trust the corporatocracy to tell me what’s safe to eat.

  21. RCinPAWA says:

    Now you’re getting somewhere. Farming was once based on a local economy. What we primarily have now are a few very large corporate farming operations. Farming used to be wholesome and natural. Now it’s industrialized.

  22. alexkidd3d says:

    Do your research, you should consider that your opinion may be because of an ethical or ideological standpoint and not based on evidence. Lots of things are bad for you at HIGH doses. studies have shown that in the very low concentrations we find in our supermarkets there are, so far, zero health risks. Again ur saying that if a kilo of something is toxic then a microgram of it is. In reality this is not the case. Much of this is based on the wrong idea that our body somehow ‘stores’ bad stuff.

  23. dudeman1109 says:

    Yeah OK. Maybe do a little research before you type on your keyboard. There are certain pesticides that have been linked to parkinsons disease. And just cause u been eating heavily treated food, dont mean its ok. When I was 1 year old I could have said that for most of my life I shit my pants on a regular basis but that didnt mean it was OK. If they were no big deal, you could spray them in the pure form in your mouth and swallow them…. Would You do that??

  24. JaydeeVonJ says:

    I agree. I’m kinda for organic, but realistically pesticides are needed on large scales.

  25. JaydeeVonJ says:

    I don’t think farming was done on a really large scale at that point. It may have been large at that point in time because the demand wasn’t as high as it is today.

  26. alexkidd3d says:

    Are you intentionally misunderstanding what i say or something, I said plainly twice that a AM eating them, have eaten them for decades. Also yes we can know what is in them because they can be have been and are being tested in order to gauge just that. what is also tested is possible health risks etc. so far they far the same as organic produce.

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