Urban Organic Gardening : My Garden – May 2010

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12 Responses to “Urban Organic Gardening : My Garden – May 2010”

  1. potboy321 says:

    Love your garden (and chickens). Love the set-up and the well planning to keep it beautiful and all.

    But I must ask. What song is that?

  2. MrGreenbudha says:

    wow you have chickens in the city??? i wonder if i can get one or 2 in mine? love what you are doing. keep up the good works!

  3. anitdnahS says:


  4. itsmenatashabebe says:

    gorgeous pics!! so bright and fresh! mmmm..yumm

  5. doingthisforme23 says:

    ummm awesome garden!! Can’t wait to see it once everything starts growing in!

  6. genghisgirl says:

    @sass9507 You’ve got plenty of time for planting… if you don’t get your seedlings together, just buy started veggies 🙂 My compost heap has been producing for about 7 years now, and I neglect it for long periods of time… last year we opened it up and found pumpkins growing in it from rotten Halloween leftovers! Everything comes together in the end – just make sure to keep the critters out if you have a small yield. I planted strawberries near the back of the yard for the bunnies to steal.

  7. sass9507 says:

    I don’t know where my garden magazine went, but I have yet to start my seedlings and the compost. I am so lazy! I have lots of backyard (we live in the city too) and I still can’t get it together. Hopefully, I can get it together within the next few weeks. Gah! You’re yard is lovely!

  8. kastnmagic says:


  9. crosspecans says:

    thanks for sharing your garden before pics. grow grow grow….sending the best wishes for a wonderful harvest year. waves~~

  10. Bandstress says:

    You are certainly making the most of your space. I love that you get the kids involved.

  11. ladyworpledinker says:

    Very cool!

  12. TheSbVegan says:

    YEEEEAAAAHHH!! You are rockin!

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