UV sunlight and organic gardening (Chartwell)

A sunny afternoon in the garden at Chartwell, home of Winston and Clementine Churchill. Music: Derek Paravicini & Evangelos Himonides Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly. Produced by Grace Filby BA(Hons) CertEd FRSA Churchill Fellow Science & Engineering Ambassador Designs For Wellbeing at www.relax-well.co.uk

2 Responses to “UV sunlight and organic gardening (Chartwell)”

  1. pinknonsense says:

    Sorry if you didn’t enjoy my video. The title shows it is about UV sunlight and organic gardening. It mainly features living vegetables, roses, bean plants, pumpkins, fish & 21st century children.

    WSC’s Wealden views were best from inside the house and his 1st floor private study – I was only in the garden.

    I am delighted with the music. The young gifted pianist is a severely autistic, blind, musical savant & world famous. WSC did love swimming and flying – and fun.

  2. MrGrandMasTerMind says:

    Winston churchill supposedly bought the house mainly for its beutiful views over the weald of kent, no suprise for winston’s love for britian. where is that photo? Also you should have changed the music to something less jolly but more deep and emotional.

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