Vegetable Garden Update #6

7.05.09 Vegetable Garden Update. Everything is growing well at this point. Need some more consistent sun to really kickstart the visible fruit, but the plants are looking very healthy.

5 Responses to “Vegetable Garden Update #6”

  1. kokonutbaby1 says:

    Nice garden, nice jealous, garden did not put out like i wouldve liked but new attempt come spring!

  2. CyberCacique1 says:

    Thank you. 🙂

    The pie plates and CDs are my feeble attempt to defend my harvest against the birds in my area. At this point, I should be able to remove them, but when I first put the plants in the ground, the birds get curious and I had to think of something for the lowest price possible (FREE!) and the solutions has worked so far. 🙂

  3. RedneckHillbillies says:

    Nice looking garden! It’s all so lush and green, and healthy looking. The pie plates and CD’s are a nice touch too. lol. What are you trying to keep away with those?

  4. CyberCacique1 says:

    Thanks. 🙂

    It’s very interesting the number of tomato plants that have sprung up. The beauty of homemade compost is clear. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Yvonne61 says:

    So cool! Did you see the volunteer tomato plant in the zucchini?

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