Vegetable Gardening: How to Install a Drip Irrigation System

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In this video Patti Moreno installs drip irrigation with Leon from DripWorks USA in her main raised bed garden. Drip irrigation is one of the most important break throughs in agriculture of the last forty years. Visit: http

25 Responses to “Vegetable Gardening: How to Install a Drip Irrigation System”

  1. stonerj0e says:

    you should be using black and white polly, white side up with holes cut for your plants . it will save a ton of water and keep the root systems cool !

  2. miketonon says:

    I looked into buying one of those hoses that sweats. It had a label on it that said it contains lead, should I be concerned? Is it an irrelivant amount of lead? Maybe its big agriculture trying to deter people from gardening?

  3. YamahaPhyscho says:

    she reminds me of oprah, wish i could afford a drip system 🙁

  4. halleysmommy says:

    Am I losing my mind?! I swear I saw this and most of your recently posted videos already! Did you delete and repost them or something? I’m really confused… lol.

  5. 14dollarz says:

    Thanks a lot for posting this video! I didn’t know how easy this could be and I based my setup off of this and posted a video today of my setup. Thanks again. Your video’s rock!

  6. DripWorks says:

    @PCOStherealdeal All 3 types of timers that you asked about are available. Dripworks has both battery timers and electric timers. We used to carry a solar timer, but it just wasn’t selling so we had to discontinue it.

  7. Praxxus55712 says:

    That is just an insane amount of raised beds Patti! I want those paving blocks between the beds. Very cool! 🙂

  8. Nazzrai says:

    I enjoyed watching it from the start to the end, very informative and nice nice background music, by the way.
    Learnt a lot in just 8:18 minutes. Thank you.

  9. QuickGardens says:

    Wow, what a great project. How many days did it take to finish?

  10. kbgrowkid420 says:

    great info..thanks

  11. PCOStherealdeal says:

    one question… does the timer need to be plugged into an outlet? it does it run off battery’s? Could it be solar?

  12. Roel21 says:

    Wow! Thank you very much! Love your videos =)

  13. leonspringer says:

    Next month Patti will have another drip video from Dripworks

  14. TangoSpiceCompany says:

    Excellent video as always!
    Garden season is fast approaching and this is sure to be abig help.

  15. Whippetfest says:

    Thank you! Love your videos : )

  16. ForbiddenStallion says:

    Fantastic video! Thank you!

  17. skeletonmom says:

    @DripWorks – Cool! Thanks!!!

  18. DripWorks says:

    For every 2.3 feet of elevation you gain 1 pound of pressure. Page 12 of the new (free) Dripworks catalog talks a little bit about low pressure systems.

  19. jihadacadien says:

    @skeletonmom This is great! thanks!

  20. skeletonmom says:

    @jihadacadien – I just took an organic gardening class and they mentioned that it can be done if you sit your rainbarrel up about 3 feet or so and have the dripline run from the bottom out to the garden. Doing it that way provides the pressure needed to move the water. But, it also depends on how long your drip line is, too.

  21. Cutchswife says:

    Great idea. You are a great presenter Patty. Always very clear. You should have your own tv show.

  22. jihadacadien says:

    Great video as always! Would be nice if a system like that could work with rain water. I suppose with a pump.?

  23. HungryHillboy says:

    Do chemicals leech from the plastic and in to the water that is watering the plants?
    I know it happens in a lot, but not all plastics.

  24. MadBadVoodo says:


  25. OrganicGringo says:

    Must have more new videos…. Can’t wait for better weather for you!

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