Vegetable Gardening Jobs for Summer HD

Videos are brought you from YouTube to match what you are looking for here on Gardening Resources. If you would like to see a specific video or have a subject covered, please don\\\’t hesitate to let us know. Find out what you can do to improve the soil conditions of your vegie garden in preparation for a long hot summer. On Lamb Island, Queensland Australia, Kat who is passionate about living sustainably and self-sufficiently utilises what is on hand to leave her vegie plot virtually maintenance free while she is away on summer holiday. Learn how to improve the water retention of your soil and how to harvest the nutritious castings from an active worm farm (without touching the worms).

7 Responses to “Vegetable Gardening Jobs for Summer HD”

  1. townsville69 says:

    lol never seen a chicken trying to act innocent

  2. forgreenies says:

    @stylus880 The tray I used for the castings was the lowest one, and all food had been going into the top tray, so i presumed most of the worms would be in the feeding tray at the top? Was not the case. But will try switching around tonight as I need some more castings… good thinking, much easier than sifting them out. They are all precious!

  3. stylus880 says:

    Rather then lay out castings with worms in to retrieve worms simply put this tray (with castings/worms) above the fresh food tray and leave 4 a few days..the worms will drop down into the food tray.

  4. forgreenies says:

    @GabbyT2 well I’m glad I’ve inspired you to start a worm bin, I’m about to make a short video on how they work. Stay tuned!

  5. GabbyT2 says:

    This is great. Here in Florida we get quite hot as well, and tending our garden is a big process. We have thought about doing a worm composter, I think we will. Thanks!

  6. kazuza9 says:

    Lady you seem to know what u r doing , great job , well planned garden, more women should be like u … keep up the good work , u r a blessing..

  7. jihadacadien says:

    You seem to have a great yard, filled with stuff! abd your worm pot is soooo full of life! Loved the chicken lookibg for some worms to eat!

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