Welcome to my Organic Garden! (www.Mercola.com)

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21 Responses to “Welcome to my Organic Garden! (www.Mercola.com)”

  1. PrimalToad1 says:

    Love the garden and orchard Mercola! For this summer I will be buying my produce from local farms. Next year I will be taking the next step and will grow my own LARGE garden! I can’t wait!

  2. misseptember says:

    love it i really want something like what you have later in my life!

  3. rashawn770 says:

    do you still get the grounded benefits if you’re standing on sand on a beach?

  4. idius says:

    yes, matt357, shoes are bad for the arches and every other part of your feet, including your skin. They also cause muscle atrophy in the calf muscle and the muscles in your feet. They cause excessive stress on your knees and hips because they force you to walk in an unnatural way.

  5. edwardcschmidt1 says:

    plants could be MUCH closer together for a biointensive approach. and yes mulch mulch, mulch.

  6. oh2love4love says:

    lol –

    yeah and wild flowers too!!

  7. yashamill says:

    Doc… you’ve got a lot of space spoiled with lawn… No grass, more fruits!

  8. yashamill says:

    I’ve subscribed Dr. M free newsletter years ago…lots of great info.

    For the home garden/orchard there are easy improvements to be made:

    1- Grass around the fruit trees= mistake!
    The strong grass root system compete and weaken the fruit trees.
    2- Veggies need a mulch cover made of dry vegetation. Uproot the weeds and leave them on the soil surface: an easy way. Advanced gardeners will leave part of the weeds.
    Great example of home garden: the Dervaes family:

  9. adamberk07 says:

    right on

  10. marpoq says:

    i tried to add you on myspace a while back. you didnt get my invite?

  11. NZtrillion says:

    oh dear. when you see my new song, you are gonna think i am stalking you! it’s about organic gardening…

  12. FetaSake says:

    I wish I was a goose to eat all those apples away

  13. MadBadVoodo says:

    Five Stars!!

  14. dynamicwellness33 says:

    nice video dr. M

  15. Snuilp says:

    WOW! One of the best vids I seen around recently about organic farming! This man seems that he really knows what he’s talking about! LOL! 😀

  16. misseptember says:

    nice nice!

  17. ty99999returns says:

    You should leave the dandelions in your back yard and plant the seeds, the whole dandelion is edible and there is no toxic look-alikes. The blossom you can make a tea out of it I probably wouldnt eat it while because of the texture and for ppl with pollon allergies. Eat the dandelion, the stem, leafs, root, all of it is edible just make sure its clean and not at the side of a road or w/e. You can eat the apples with the bugs in them and get some protien.

  18. ty99999returns says:

    I agree with growing your own food but If someone around you is growing the same crop as you the bees might contaminate your food. But if you buy it locally grown the chance is there too so whichever you feel is better do so.

    You can cut the tops of beets, turnips, carrots, w/e grows in like a beet turnip or carrot you can cut the top off and replant them in your own backyard I do it all the time and this way you save your money.

  19. odin422 says:

    Hemp is a GREAT backyard partner =)

  20. chrissys31 says:

    i cant wait to get a house out of my apt. so I can plant a garden it looks so good just seeing yours. Happy eating!!

  21. matt357 says:

    isin that bad for the arch?

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