what organic tea does to the color of vegetable plants…awesome!

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same as title

2 Responses to “what organic tea does to the color of vegetable plants…awesome!”

  1. ilikealicia says:

    that’s an amazing amount of plants in you limited space, way to go!

    how did they all come out?

  2. thejailbirdz says:

    throw some mulch on that bald spot… i use my fall leaves too (under mulch) to get more worms. i am going to try out compost tea this year. your looks good!
    i have containers,but they always seem to get root bound. i prefer the yard to plant but it freezes here! got my chocolate mint & strawberries wintered over for this year & trying to get them to grow wild, wild, wild… getting ready to get some Early Girls going & some Romas from seed. have fun!

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