10 Good Reasons for Building Your Own Raised Bed Garden

Article by David Woodford

In the last article, you learned about the benefits that your garden receives with raised bed gardening. As many as there were, there are also benefits for yourself when you use raised bed gardening.

The Advantages for You

1. First off, the garden will be closer to you when you decide to water it or fix it in any way.

2. Not only that, but you can also have the garden arranged any way you like, after all, it is your garden!

3. Also, because the raised bed garden will be arranged you want it to be, and positioned according to your preference, there will be no more hassles of going through the weeds before reaching your pretty plants.

4. In addition, you will not have to worry about as many bugs destroying your precious plants.

5. Because the raised bed garden is by itself, you can make the walls any way you like, or make any arrangements necessary to keep the bugs away. Many gardeners like to attach insect screening on their raised bed gardens to ensure the safety of their plants.

6. Another one of the benefits for having a raised bed gardening is the longer gardening season and growing patterns. When having a raised bed garden, because it is seculded from the other parts of your garden, the bed will tend to warm up earlier in the spring. When the bed is warm earlier in the spring, it affects the growth pattern of the plants, and allows the plants to begin blooming and growing earlier than the normal patterns.

7. Another advantage of a raised bed garden is the less water required for the plants. That means no more watering the plants every evening, saving you tons of work! Because the plants are so close together, and the higher quality soil, less water is needed because the water is much more efficient in a raised bed garden.

8. Having a raised bed garden also adds much more visual appeal to your garden, and increases the overall appearance for your garden.

9. Not only will you have less weeds and messy plants to worry about, but the plants will also be uniform and organized, which will look great in your garden.

10. Many gardeners enjoy having fun with their raised bed garden by also giving it geometrical appeal. Giving your garden a geometrical appeal will also require precise thinking of where to place the raised bed, and must be done in an appealing location.

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