4′ x 4′ Raised Garden Bed Kit for Only $13 for a Limited Time!

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John from www.growingyourgreens.com takes you on a field trip to the local Home Depot to show you some of the Raised Bed Kits they have on Clearance Sale for 65% off the retail price. You can now buy a raised bed kit for as low as $13.00 but only for a limited time!

25 Responses to “4′ x 4′ Raised Garden Bed Kit for Only $13 for a Limited Time!”

  1. lisa5855 says:

    How do you prepare your beds at your home for the next growing season? Do you leave what’s already in the bed and add fresh compost to the existing soil/add rock dust minerals? Thanks for all the info you give us.

  2. fairview2001 says:

    I stopped by Home Depot and found 5 Pressure Treated, 3 Cedar and 1 Resin kit. They sold all of them to me for $9.83 each!! SWEET DEAL !!!

  3. MajorRager76 says:

    well john i went to my local home depot yesterday picked up 2 of the cedar might go and get the 3 left and i guess in a sense you may have created a monster

    i went from 5gal buckets to raised bed gardening since fall seems like the more i do the more the bigger i want to go

  4. tagi3d says:

    @thehittmann1981 Sounds like a good idea mate.

  5. Saharasia says:

    I just got around to going to my HD in San Antonio, TX today and they still had some of the raised bed kits on sale…purchased four of the nice cedar ones for $19 reg $59. Whoo-hoo…just in time to plan my Spring garden! There were 2 left and I’m sure some of the other stores around town still have some.

  6. Ronsjuju2010 says:

    I bought 7 of these kits at my local Home Depots. I had to go to 3 different stores. I got 5 cedar (but they were the Hard plastic cedar ones) and 2 the $24 ones (also plastic) Thanks for the info John

  7. thehittmann1981 says:

    @tagi3d I’m in the process of cutting some colourbond fence sheets for mine. I’m going to screw them to posts to make 2 1.5m x 4.5m beds.

  8. VTECsqznN2O says:

    omg I bought som’ of these about a month ago…I wonder if they discounted them further…I will check today.

    I have the one at 5:10 I stacked three and its huge.

  9. yardsnacker says:

    awesome vid…gotta take exception with a treated lumber raised bed kit..not better than no bed kit. Treated lumber should only be used with gloves and for ornamentals, away from edible veggies because it does leach chemicals into the ground.

  10. doctorsocal says:

    thanks john,
    i got 6 at 19 bucks per kit. 2 went to my niece and nephew as a gift of gardening for the holidays. i also gave will give them seeds of their choice by ordering from one of your previously recommended seed companies from a past video. that’s what’ s growing on here!

  11. Libby94619 says:

    Do you have any building plans for your raised beds? I love the height, although I realize they require lots of soil.

  12. misseptember says:


  13. jessibot666 says:

    Thanks John, I went to two Home Depot stores here (Texas) and bought 5 cedar kits for $19 each! awesome find!!

  14. ichoudhury007 says:

    John, I went to this local Home Depot (Georgia) thinking this might be a very YMMV for me here, but was I wrong … I got several of the ones that were left (about 75% off) ..
    Thanks Man! I am almost ready to grow my greens :p

  15. tagi3d says:

    @thehittmann1981 ditto, been trying to source cheap untreated hardwood… not easy. We live in perma pine country… treated wood as far as you can see. I think Cypress is going to be my best bet at Bunnings.

  16. TootyFruity101 says:

    im so sad they dont sell these here in Canada 🙁 your so lucky!

  17. forestfireflybd says:

    john, you should be getting kickbacks!

  18. Allen2045 says:

    I bet HD was wondering why all the rush on raised bed kits. I bought 3 plastic kits at the end of summer at lowes for $10 each.

  19. atwell8 says:

    Hey John – Thanks a bunch for the tip! I went to HD and bought 8 of them today! They’re the same price here in Santa Clarita as you saw, and they still have some left.

  20. hovercraftmk2 says:

    Went to my local HD (Wasilla, Ak) just now and they have about twenty of the cedar kits on the shelf (minus 2 for me) for the reduced price of 29 dollars. Thanks John.

  21. riskmandel1 says:

    John, you already inspired me to start a garden and juice and I love it. AND, I will be heading to HD tonight to pick up one or two of these so I can expand. Thanks for all the info!

  22. mayste says:

    Checked out my local HD in Beaverton, Or at lunch today. They also had these on sale but not quite as cheap. $17 for the treated lumber, $29 for cedar and $69 for plastic. Decided at $29 for cedar I could probably DIY for a little cheaper.

  23. mysciencenow says:

    im gonna go check to see if they have them on sale here…

  24. damiangt says:

    Cool John They Sold Out overhere but I Still found some! Thanks Mon

  25. MSUMasterGardener13 says:

    Was going to town anyways, stopped by my local HD to see….sure enough they had them, same exact prices your’s shows. Completely sold out of the redwood ones for 100 mile radius. Maybe you should just inbox me next time so they don’t buy them all up before I get there. LOL Thanks for the valuable info! Keep it coming! 🙂

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