5 Tips for Growing Carrots in Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens

5 Tips for Growing Carrots in Raised Bed Vegetable Gardens

Article by Cicely Cruickshank

Here are some tips to help you successfully grow carrots in a raised bed vegetable garden. The first two tips are especially important for growing straight sweet carrots.

1.Properly prepare the raised bed where you are going to plant your carrots by making sure that you have at least 30 cm or 12 inches of fine loose soil. Make sure you break up any lumps and remove any stones that may be in the bed because they could stunt the growth of the carrot by not allowing them to grow straight down.

2.The type of soil or growing medium is very important for carrots. The best types are, some soil, well rotted animal manure, old rotted straw, compost or any other rotted organic material you may have. The more humus you have in your raised bed the better as this helps the soil to retain moisture. This is important because raised beds have very good drainage and you don’t want your bed to dry out, as carrots grow sweeter and less fibrous in moist soil.

3.It is a good idea to mulch around your vegetables with organic material, which will help stop the weeds growing as well as retaining the moisture for the plants.

4. If you have any fresh animal manure it is best to compost it before putting into your raised bed, as carrots do not like much nitrogen. This makes the soil too rich and they tend to grow misshapen or fork.

5.Young plants really benefit from foliar feeding with natural organic sprays. This helps to keep them healthy. You can use store bought products or make your own, eg compost tea or diluted liquid from worm farms. If you can avoid using chemicals it is better for you and the garden.

By using these 5 tips in your raised bed vegetable garden, you will be able to successfully grow a bumper crop of sweet carrots, for you and your family to enjoy.

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