A Growing Passion – Building A Raised Bed

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Raised bed vegetable garden saves time, water, and weeding. Garden expert Nan Sterman show us how to build a raised vegetable bed.

10 Responses to “A Growing Passion – Building A Raised Bed”

  1. rentmyhusband says:

    Great video

  2. mountainhike100 says:

    great job guys,looks really easy, and i like the idea of a top edge.our bed was only 8″ but,I have to dig them back up to put mesh in the bottoms.love that hint,lots better than traps.

  3. stormin82g says:

    @TheBookflutterby I was hopping so, but wasn’t sure if a Mole could squeeze threw the Hardware wire. I no Difference now. thanks though. Great movies. I love em all. And it”s raised beds from now on.

  4. TheBookflutterby says:

    @stormin82g If it will keep out gofers, it will definitely keep out moles.

  5. stormin82g says:

    Half inch hardware cloth keep Moles out too?

  6. pumkinvine says:

    Use of redwood is very expensive and completely unsustainable.

    and btw, 15 years is NOT along time.

  7. lordblazerpsx says:

    cender block is alot better………

  8. jihadacadien says:

    15 years, that’s a long time!

  9. jhi1947 says:


  10. crewlla says:

    I know how to build raised beds but your video was one of the best I have seen.

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