Advantages of Raised Beds

There are many advantages of using raised beds in your garden, yet many people still prefer using rows.  I’m not saying that rows weren’t the best method of gardening for a long time, but those days are over for most gardeners.


Advantages of Raised Beds


1. Plants are spaced closer.  In a bed the seed packets guidelines for in-row spacing can be used for the entire bed.  Saving all of the space used between rows, which usually ends up being a walk way and a place for weeds to grow.


With the plants being spaced closer it’s harder for weeds to get the necessary light and nutrients to grow.


Close spacing also creates a microclimate which is good for the plants.


2. Beds have permanent walkways.  People who use rows often use the space in between the rows as a walkway, compacting the soil which decreases root health and yield.


With beds people don’t walk in the bed.  The soil stays loose and crumbly, which makes it easier to pull the few weeds which may get in.  Root crops also grow better and are much easier to harvest.


Permanent walkways can also provide a refuge for beneficial insects when working the garden or spraying.


This is only 2 advantages of raised beds, there is many more.  Using raised beds over garden rows will provide a higher yield in less space, which is good for any gardener, even farmers can get a higher yield while using beds, allowing them to use less land to grow the same amount of food.


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