Backyard Raised Bed Garden Update for June 15th

Just showing the growth of the garden plants since the last video. Everything is growing. We have an ant problem, a little green worm problem, and likely a slug problem. Did the yeast/sugar/water in a container recessed into the ground thing, caught some “potato bugs” but not many slugs. Will have to try again. Have some borax ant thingys in the gardens but the ants seems to have moved into the gardens and established their kingdom. Any natural deterrent ideas? The ants are eating the strawberries before they finish ripening. The little green worms seem to just need to be picked off by hand. They are on the undersides of the broccoli leaves. We also had a problem with standing water in the grape container that has poor drainage. I am worried about the well-being of the grapes. The irrigation system seems to be working well for the raised beds. We still water the containers by hand using just a small watering can and collected rain water.

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  1. VivianRinSC says:

    Can’t wait to see how your potatoes turn out. Those are huge!

  2. GettingThereGreen says:

    @hallard069 we don’t really use a lot of radish… we thought we’d try it and see if there were any really good recipe for it… so far not many uses for radishes. lol -Randy

  3. hallard069 says:

    I”ve been having good luck using a mixture of dawn dish detergent and water. I spray down the garden every two/three days and it seems to be helping a lot with slugs and ants.
    Replant the radishes as you use them to keep them coming up.

  4. cavealaska1 says:

    very nice it is looking very good, I grew a few pea plants, but just to munch on when I am in the garden, but i think I will plant a lot more of them next year

  5. Michigansnowpony says:

    @GettingThereGreen — I have a product called “Thuricide” that I picked up at the local hardware. There’s quite a few Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) products out there — it’s not hard to come across. It’s a bacteria that is lethal to the worms. You mix it up with water and spray your plants. Then, when the little darlings munch on the leaves, it paralyzes their intestinal tract and they die. BAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh). First time I used it was 30 years ago on my little garden I had in HS

  6. goneways says:

    Looking good! Ground Cherries like it warm, and they are delicious!!!
    Just wondering if you will have some cross pollination between pumpkin, cucumbers and zucchini? I heard that they are not good to grow so close together. Do not know if it is true, so curious to find out.

  7. goneways says:

    Looking good! Ground Cherries like it warm, and they are delicious!!!
    Just wondering if you will have some cross pollination between pumpkin, cucumbers and zucchini? I heard that they are not good to grow so close together. Do not know if it is true, so curious to find out.

  8. GettingThereGreen says:

    @GardenCalifornia Hmm… that’s an idea. Might have to try it.

  9. GettingThereGreen says:

    @Michigansnowpony We’ll try to look for it. Any idea where we would find it?

  10. GettingThereGreen says:

    @Michigansnowpony You can actually use the leaves as well as the root. The leaves you can use in salads. The root when you cut it you have to peel it and shred it, then immediately you have to add vinegar to it or it will not keep it’s taste. When you cut or shred it the root gives off some potent chemical as a defense mechanism and when you add the vinegar it keeps the taste. Don’t ask me how, I had to look it up myself! -Randy

  11. jihadacadien says:

    @GettingThereGreen Oh yeah I love them anyway!

  12. Michigansnowpony says:

    I hear ya on the peas! I am not even getting enough to can with a 16′ row. Of course, my kids are like aphids when it comes to foraging on the peas. I think I will have to plant them covertly in the back garden next year (or maybe this year in the late summer for an early Fall crop). It seems to take an enormous amount of pea plants to have enough to can (my goal / plan too). Use a product with BT — Bacillus Thuringiensis — in it for the cabbage worms. It’s organic.

  13. Michigansnowpony says:

    How do you harvest or use the horseradish? Is it the root that you use or ??? I love horseradish, but would be clueless on how to process it if I were to grow it!
    I ended up buying some started herb plants. Between the barncats and the lone free range chicken getting into the bed where I had them planted (and starting to come up), they did my herb starts in. Grrrrr! Yours look wonderful!

  14. GardenCalifornia says:

    Is there any way you could put nylon around your strawberries? You can get it cheap if you go to payless, they have free disposable nylon socks there so you can slip them on your foot before trying a shoe, I just grab a few of those, lol.

  15. GettingThereGreen says:

    @dalecalder2003 We’ve had cilantro for years now and have managed to contain it. When it goes to seed we collect them all up. Then tah dah we’ve got coriander!

  16. GettingThereGreen says:

    @jihadacadien We will have to try the beet greens that way. Hmm… we shall see! -Randy

  17. GettingThereGreen says:

    @pinetar100 We did start a lot of seeds indoors… but the greenhouse is doing awesome.

  18. dalecalder2003 says:

    Your garden is looking fantastic. I discovered Ground Cherries this year too, I think we must be growing different varieties mine have a different leaf. Word to the wise on the cilantro don’t let it go to seed in the garden. I visited a friend yesterday who let this happen last year and it is everywhere this year.

  19. jihadacadien says:

    Pretty big difference from my East coast garden! Well exept the basil 😉 The greenhouse plants are pretty big..oh wow a zucchini already!! The litle green worm…well mine came from white butterflies…so look out for those 😉 Radish looks great!!! Wow my ground cherries didn’t grow at all!!! oh and did you know beet greens are super good steamed or sautéed in butter.

  20. pinetar100 says:

    the plants in your greenhouse are plants out side are half that.think i will have to make my greenhouse bigger? looking good

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