Brick Border: Extend your raised bed garden with a brick border

In this 2 part series we install a “ribbon” or path of reclaimed/recycled brick around our raised bed garden. We show an easy and effective installation process, some various patterns, and techniques to aid in the making of a brick border.

3 Responses to “Brick Border: Extend your raised bed garden with a brick border”

  1. BuddyClubGardening says:

    You should not need to put in a brick border to help in drainage. If you want to create a better way of assisting drainage, you can just “pitch” the dirt so it is a bit higher in back and lower in front. Is this what you are asking?

  2. alphadot says:

    I have posted pictures on fotothing . com / alphadot I am lost of what to do, the flower bed is next to a fence and I wonder if the water drains or must I place a brick border as well I know I am confusing sorry> I am just looking online about how to do things .

  3. edstar83 says:

    Great Video thanks for sharing!!

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