Building a Raised Bed Flower Garden

Forget about hiring a licensed gardener or landscape company. Save your money! A quick stop to the local gardening center and 2 hours of your time will produce a raised bed flower garden that will cause your yard to be the envy of the block.

There are several different ways one can go about building a raised bed flower garden. Some of the readily available materials one can use are:

•    pressure treated lumber
•    bricks
•    landscape rocks or small boulders
•    stainless steel
•    railroad crossties
•    fence post
•    old tires
•    etc

Although there is a wide array of materials to choose from, (basically, any material that is weather resistant and can be used to create the desired outline of the flower bed), I would like to talk about one of my favorite methods of achieving this type of gardening.

I love using brick to contain my flower garden beds because the material is very durable, has been time tested against outside elements, come in a vast assortment of styles and colors, and continues to look great year after year with absolutely no maintenance.

Materials You Will Need

•    measuring tape
•    landscaping paint
•    black landscaping cloth (for weed barrier)  
•    nutrient rich gardening soil
•    compose
•    1 bag of mortar (if bricks is the material of choice)
•    trowel (if bricks is the material of choice)

Shape and Size

A raised bed flower garden can be constructed in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes. To keep things simple and basic I am going to construct this garden in a 4 foot long by 3 foot wide rectangular shape. Eighty eight (88) bricks will be used in the construction. Feel free to adjust these measurements according to the size you desire to make your raised bed flower garden.

Bricks can be purchased from your local landscaping material store or home improvement center such as Lowes or Home Depot. Be sure to purchase a bag of mortar and a trowel while at the store.

Steps to Follow

1. Choose a location for the raised bed flower garden.

Note – All flower gardens will need to receive adequate water if they are to grow and flourish. When choosing a location, consider how convenient it will be to water the garden on a consistent basis.

2. Using the measuring tape and landscaping paint, measure and paint a 4 foot long by 3 foot wide rectangular shape.
3. Mix the mortar according to the manufacture instructions.
4. Lay the first brick on the corner of the painted line.
5. Place some mortar on the trowel and spread on a new brick. Place that brick on top of the first brick laid.

Note – This raised bed flower garden will consist of 3 layers of bricks stacked high so it is necessary to stack 2 additional bricks on top of the first layer.

6. Repeat step 5 until there are 3 bricks stacked high and mortared together.
7. Lay another brick on the line alongside the first brick laid and repeat steps 5-6.
8. Continue to lay brick on the line and using mortar, stack new bricks 3 layers high until you have completed the construction of the raised bed flower garden.

Note – The finished product should be in the shape of a rectangular with 6 bricks laid the length of the garden bed and 5 bricks laid along the sides. There should be 3 layers of bricks and the garden bed should be approximately 8 inches high from the ground up.

If you would like a higher raised bed flower garden, just continue to add more layers of brick until you have reached the desired height.

9. After construction is complete, lay black landscaping cloth along the ENTIRE BOTTOM of the garden bed. This will dramatically reduce weed growth in the garden.
10. Add nutrient rich gardening soil inside the garden bed.
11. Mix compose into the soil tilling compose and soil together until everything is evenly distributed throughout.
12. Plant some flower seeds or plants
13. Water and enjoy your newly constructed raised bed flower garden.

As you can see, creating a raised bed flower garden can be done by even the most inexperienced person. If all of the materials are purchased ahead of time, it can be done within a couple of hours on the weekend.

With that being said, the next time you pass by a beautiful raised bed flower garden, do not be green with envy. Go to your local home decorating center, collect the materials you need and create your own master show piece.

Shirley Kelly is the owner of Lanterns 4 where she sells beautiful and unique candle lanterns great for weddings and special occasions. Shirley has been in the interior design business for more than 10 years. Her passions are interior design and gardening. She enjoys sharing home and garden ideas with others on her blog. To read more of her ideas or to share your own home and garden tips, please visit her Home and Garden Ideas Blog She would love to hear from you.

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