Building a Raised Bed Water Garden

Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, installs a pond inside a raised bed in her garden. For more info: or Distributed by Tubemogul.

13 Responses to “Building a Raised Bed Water Garden”

  1. thePondHunter says:

    Nice job Patti, gotta love water features. Keep up the great work! I have a few pond videos on my site I hope you’ll check them out!

  2. TheGardenMasterShow says:

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  3. sexykat426 says:

    sooo cool!!! thank you Garden girl! I am going to try this out, lol for some reason I dont think it will come out as good, but im gonna try!

  4. lowcarb85 says:

    if you use those clamps make sure its stainless or something that wont oxidize.

  5. TheCanadianBiker says:

    Very beautiful pond and garden, almost as beautiful as you.

  6. theonearmedbandit1 says:

    Thank you so much for this video, it is brilliant and I’m going to make a wild life pond for my back garden.

  7. cali1califa says:

    You go girl! Whoo hoo! I’m so happy to see a woman making a pond….and you’re sporting a skirt while you do it! Awesome. I’m definitely making a pond on my patio…thanks for the info!

  8. mellisamouse says:

    Ohhhh you are my hero! 🙂 xox <3

  9. LaminatedGardenGuide says:

    Quite simple, and the result is beautiful.

  10. justmom66 says:

    Very cool idea ty for shring it! this would make a beautiful sitting area addition for my back yard =]

  11. FerreiralovesFerrari says:

    hey im doing a sience fair project about watering plants and i want to see what else u can water plants besides with water would u happen to have any ides on what else u could water it with? if u have any ideas that would help me alot thank you

    plz let me know via comment on my home page thank you

  12. W1tchingHour says:

    Sweet, I showed this video to my mom, and I think she is going to make one with my dad on the weekend

  13. Cashis4life says:

    very cool

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