CapeCodTimes; June 11, Raised Bed Garden on Cape Cod

Watch a newly retired Cape Cod couple build a raised bed garden for their new home.

4 Responses to “CapeCodTimes; June 11, Raised Bed Garden on Cape Cod”

  1. losplatosdemaria says:

    Thank you for mentioning Square Foot Gardening. I’m getting ready to sow a small plot and your advice will make all the difference.

  2. Bushdoctor68 says:

    Great video. Thank you.
    Are you familiar with the concept of Square Foot Gardening? It’s more than just planting in square feet. The method is based on the fact that there’s no logic to the instructions on seedpackets. Think about it: If your beets, or carrots need to be 2 inches apart, what’s the use of having 10 or more inches between rows.
    When planting in square feet, you not only make work a lot easier on yourself, but you harvest about 5 times as much from the same patch of soil.

  3. DC180 says:

    sweeet garden bed.. nice work!

  4. Escagedo3rd says:

    That was awesome folks!!!!

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