Elements of Vegetable Gardens

Elements of Vegetable Gardens

Article by Caitlina Fuller

Gardening provides us a great relaxation from the hectic lifestyle. It is for sure the person has this hobby will definitely forget the entire world while doing gardening. Growing vegetables in the raised gardens is sure a task that provides the sense of accomplishment.

Nowadays the growing of fresh vegetables in the gardens has gained the huge importance among many raised bed garden and raised vegetable garden owners. For them growing fresh vegetables in their vegetable gardens not only offer them the pleasure but also protect them to eat the meditated vegetables. If now, you have started to build one vegetable garden in your backyard of the house then you must be aware of the fact that for creating the raised vegetable garden you need to have too much space to build one. In fact, when you utilize a small space to build your own garden, the more you can concentrate and care your raised garden.

The Initial StepThe initial process in your garden is that plan the type of vegetable you want to grow. If your soil is not good or you don’t have proper drainage then the raised bed garden is the right option. These raised gardens will save your money, time & efforts and at the same time these will generate the areas of well productive soil. For developing the vegetable gardens the raised bed is the perfect initial step.

Creation: The Next StepYou can create a useful raised garden of your own easily. There are excellent methods to grow vegetables in your garden. The raised garden makes the soil fertile if they are not firmed. You need not strain hard; you can easily bend and work comfortably. With the raised garden you can work comfortably. The soil is raised so you need not worry about the rain as they can drain easily when compared to normal ones. Even you can fill the soils with the right amount of manure. The raised garden not only gives you comfort but also provides elegance to your raised vegetable garden.

Maintenance: Useful ThoughtThere is lot of convenience in maintaining a raised bed garden. As the level of the soil is high you can work conveniently, and if the place is wide you can also easily move around. Maintaining a raised bed can give a better look to your garden and home. This is best for pest control too.

Don’t forget that if you want to grow vegetables in the backyard then the raised bed gardens are your ideal choice. As when you grow vegetables in the raised beds you can save water.

The raised vegetable gardens offer more healthy vegetables when compared to the traditional one. And these gardens are often easy to maintain.

Finally, if you want to create your own raised vegetable gardens then there are certain things that you need to consider like the right materials and the right soil for growing healthy vegetables in raised bed gardens. No doubt, having own vegetable garden is fun and one can enjoy the pleasure of having the garden by eating the grown vegetables from their own garden.

Caitlina Fuller is a freelance writer.

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20 Responses to “Elements of Vegetable Gardens”

  1. HouseSignStudio says:

    Thanks, this was so useful. I’m going to persuade hubby to make one of these for me
    (dont trust myself with a power drill) Thanks again, great video.

  2. BenedictHudson says:

    you guys are great. I love the dynamics of everyone interacting!

  3. grdaemon says:

    Whats this drill and screw accessorie called.Can’t find it anyware?Thanks great video BTW

  4. Crow112178 says:

    Loved the video. Really love that it is not scripted makes for better viewing pleasure =)

  5. Bolognalegs says:

    Very helpful, and comical. I was actually laughing audibly during parts of this, odd considering it was a gardening video. Also, I thought the camerawoman’s questions answered some questions that others would have been too embarrassed to ask.

  6. Bolognalegs says:

    Very helpful, and comical. I was actually laughing audibly during parts of this, odd considering it was a gardening video. Also, I thought the camerawoman’s questions answered some questions that no one would have wanted to ask.

  7. enovalee says:

    so excited to be finding people with similar interests and connecting here, hope to continue to learn and share with you……warmest regards, nova

  8. jaxx050679 says:

    how to make a raised bed more difficult than it has to be.

  9. smith7800 says:

    Your wife is sorta condescending

  10. extremewc says:

    Ha, love it, a hand model that makes garden beds while entertaining the dog at the same time! Truly amazing!

  11. gardenvespers777 says:

    Your video was one of the first I saw when I was looking for tips on how to build a raised bed. Thanks!
    I had to sink mine a little bit in the ground because I have that evil Bermuda grass!
    Plus my property slopes a little.

    Best of luck with this year’s garden!! 🙂 I love my raised beds!

  12. angiebigbutt says:

    does the raised bed have to be in the dirt or can i place it on concreat?

  13. NavyBlueSTL says:

    DON’T use drywall screws. They are not rated for weather and will rust, break and your bed will fall apart. Use DECKING screws. They are rated for outdoor use.

  14. switch55 says:

    @erochow Thanks for the tip!

  15. erochow says:

    @switch55 you water mature tomato plants when the top inch of soil is dry. over-watering is one of the biggest problems in the garden.

  16. switch55 says:

    @erochow Thanks for replying eric. Being I’m still a rookie at this, how often do you water your tomatoes?

  17. erochow says:

    @switch55 i used 2×12 boards and the tomatoes are just fine, eric.

  18. erochow says:

    @ainemacdermot excellent suggestions. thanks for that. eric.

  19. ainemacdermot says:

    Hardware cloth is a good idea. Weed barrier cloth will prevent the grass from growing up through the bottom; if you don’t have that, then line the bottom of the boxes with cardboard before you add planting mix… the cardboard will eventually gracefully degrade, but by then the grass underneath should be completely dead.

  20. switch55 says:

    Great video! How deep should a bed be for growing tomatoes?

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