Filling Your Square Foot Raised Bed Garden with Soil from Lowes

John from takes a field trip to Lowes to talk about Square Foot Garden Soil. He will also talk about other soils that can be used to fill your raised beds. In the end, he explains how to save money by buying your soil in bulk.

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  1. tribalwind says:

    another option can be filling mostly with free woodchips from local tree services, it will break down,dreleasing heat and become compost over time(this is known in permaculture as “hugelculture” )
    by me they will deliver 20 yards or more for free.and some will even pay you something! they otherwise have to pay more in dumping fees to the landfill.

  2. tribalwind says:

    good vid John’
    hah ! i doubt Mel is watching over what goes into this ‘compost’. he’s paid to have his name/brand on it and that’s where it ends. ive had his book for Ages now.and his videos off some torrent site..

    the message at the end is where it’s at! city compost programs are best i think. Also check Craigslist for Free dirt…then amend top 6-12″ with compost and rock dust…
    buying soil at corporate big-box stores, should be avoided at all costs, its like buying/shipping water!

  3. MsPatreesh says:

    I’m growing stuff in 5 gallons buckets. When a plant has bolted and I take it out of the pot, can I grown again in the same soil? Or should I replace it?

  4. lilchopin1 says:

    I like home depot better because lowes doesn’t sell seeds

  5. feralkevin says:

    I have a similar composting operation down here (CCL Organics) in the Outer East Bay area, and the last two rounds we got from them made terrible soil for our raised beds. Terrible. I added rock dust, as I always do.

    Isn’t there also a concern about vermiculite containing asbestos?

  6. fat22ful says:

    That sucks you got 5th place in the raw chef challenge I wanted you to win!

  7. Nubster12 says:

    Be very careful when buying low priced soils from Lowes. Not long ago I purchased over 50 forty pound bags of composted leaf matter and brought it home and started filling my beds with the junk in the bags. Ended up being about 90% clay and 10% leaf compost. I was furious.

  8. Nubster12 says:

    I emailed Lowes as well as the soil company and ended up getting a refund but I still had to load over 2000 pounds of soil myself…bring it home, unload it, reload it…take it back, then unload it again. So either find bags that are torn or cut them open yourself to see what really is inside.

  9. BikeManDan1 says:

    Coconut coir is the more sustainable option rather than peat but is not always as easy to find. Definitely opt for it when available though. Its a great seed starting medium

  10. waterboy1394 says:

    where can i find rock dust?

  11. 2008Raw2008 says:

    John you are a lucky boy. Best wishes for your raw fest.

  12. TheUrbanOutdoors says:

    Hey Jon, what about greensand? I read alot of books, and I keep reading about greensand. Wonder if you’ve tried it, or what brand/type dust you recommend?

  13. growingyourgreens says:

    thats alot. I pay either $21 for 44 # of azomite or about $15 for 50 pounds of gaia green glacial rock dust.

  14. zekehooper says:

    I also wanted to say that where I am I can get rock dust for $14 for 2 lbs. Seems kind of high to me?

  15. zekehooper says:

    That’s cool how you broke it down on the cost. Here in Bend the Lowes and Home Depoe are pretty much the same in price for stuff.

  16. GettingThereGreen says:

    wow!! I never heard of sfq soil sold commercially like that! cool. I just buy each part of it individually. vermiculite is hard to find. I had to order it in through a local greenhouse and they were more than happy to order it for me, and it came in in about 3 days. ~Amanda

  17. erin0819 says:

    I filled a 4 x 6′ raised bed with Organic Miracle-Gro Garden soil Mix (the green bag in the video) and just as an FYI……….it was the worst. Way too thick and all my vegetables grew ridiculously small. As a matter of fact, I believe it states on the back it should not be used in container gardening. I did add it to my flower garden with the loam that was already down and it worked great, but not so well in my raised bed.

  18. btigtime2 says:

    I fill my chicken coop with bags and bags of leaves from around my neighbor hoods. Then around SepTember of the next year I collect it and pile it up. Then in Spring I fill my beds…. So far other than my Blueberry Bushes everything like it that way.

  19. updownjim says:

    You said that you use the compost from your area. Besides the rock dust, what else do you add? I used the Mel’s formula for my sq ft garden, but I think the 5 different kinds of compost I used was low in nitrogen…. Not enough poop or something. Anyway what all do you add to your compost?

  20. mchlmrtz says:

    I actually use the Kellogg Garden Soil you show at 6:02. Works pretty well for me. I’ll be adding worm casting from my huge worm bin when I do new plantings from here on out.

  21. OS253 says:

    Compost tea.

  22. ASFx2600 says:

    John, this is the soil i used to fill my four 4×8 raised beds here in Vegas when you came to visit. At the local nurseries here, that same square foot gardening mix is mixed and sold by a local company called Gro-Well. I contacted the company directly and asked them to deliver 11 cubic yards for my four raised beds, and they agreed to do it, which ended up being cheaper than buying bags. I was the first customer that ever asked them to deliver it like that. So far my garden is doing great.

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