Garden Update #5 – June 17, 2010 – Raised Bed Container Garden Raw Food

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Raised bed vegetable garden with cherry tomatoes, arugula, malabar spinach, turnips, radishes, red sail lettuce buttercrunch, hot peppers, sweet pepper, onions, joi choi bok choy, pole beans kentucky wonder blue lake, carrots, swiss chard, detroit early beets, jalapeno, bell corno di toro ancho apple, egyptian spinach georgia collards, italian basil, cucumber and dinosaur kale dino. Raw food diet. Plus some random footage of wild animals in the yard. Baby and mother deer, rabbit, groundhog, and a baby squirrel.

4 Responses to “Garden Update #5 – June 17, 2010 – Raised Bed Container Garden Raw Food”

  1. WoundedEgo says:


  2. MrTerrym1964 says:

    Nice looking garden! Thought you might like to see how my garden is coming along..I will attach a video

  3. HackerGuitarist says:

    trimming and mulch will keep them from rotting at the soil line..looking good tho ! thanks for posting

  4. GardenCalifornia says:

    Wow, quite a variety!

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