Gardening the ‘Easy’ Way – With a Raised Bed Garden

Gardening the ‘Easy’ Way – With a Raised Bed Garden

Article by David Woodford

Raised bed gardening is a relatively new method of gardening that has become popular among manys. It involves creating a bed in the surface of your garden, and having your plants placed in them. If you are building the bed on your own, then it can be as long and wide as you would like it to be. But stores also have ready made sizes which are available for you to order.

The Differences and Advantages Raised bed gardening is not too different compared to regular gardening. The length and width can be set to your discretion, and the height of the soil is always above ground level. Normally, the soil is about six to twelve inches above the soil that is outside the bed, but you can have the soil as high or low as you want it to be.

Having the soil higher can give many advantages. One of the main advantages of having the soil higher is that the soil will produce more compost, which will help your plants grow. The compost will come from the grass and leaves and will enrich your soil.

Having a raised bed garden gives you more flexibility, and also focuses on the specific plants in the bed, which will help them grow better than they would in a regular garden. Also, many people enjoy putting fences on their bed, which will prevent people from accidentally stepping on them, or any other common mishaps. Doing so will give your plant the maximum air it needs to grow. Also, instead of having plants too close or too much spaced out, now you can decide for yourself the space you want for your plants. It is best to keep them a little far apart, so that when they have grown to their full potential, they will not interfere with each other. A popular advantage among raised bed gardens for gardeners is that the number of weeds are reduced, which means less pulling for the gardeners. Also, fertilizer tends to be more effective in the beds because the fertilizer is usually placed specifically on the bed, so that a positive impact is produced. Often times regular gardens will clog excess moisture, instead of taking it away. In a raised bed garden, the garden will take all the moisture away, which will make the roots more effective. Lastly, research shows that raised bed gardens can make anywhere from 1.5 to 2 times more plants than regular gardens do. The reason for the extra growth is because of all the advantages that raised bed gardens offer. Clearly, that there are numerous benefits from starting a raised bed garden. In our next article you can read about how the benefits aren’t for just the garden, but they are for you as well!

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