Grow Backyard Garden in Raised Vegetable Bed

Grow Backyard Garden in Raised Vegetable Bed

Article by Paul Empey

You don’t need a expensive raised garden kit to have a raised vegetable garden all you need is the ability grow backyard garden in raised vegetable bed is to cut wood at least near to size. Another option is use the dimensions of the kit and have your wood cut to size at the hardware store and the rest of the hardware.

Imagine that you are constructing a 8 ft raised vegetable bed all you would need is to have one piece of 8 ft cut once and at most places this would be free. Also check out the scrap pile for possible deal on scrap. Next is to pick up the braces for the corners and some wood screws to be able to assemble your raised vegetable bed.

When you have selected your spot to grow backyard garden you are ready to begin laying out all the supplies in the yard you will need a drill and a square, you don’t need one but it keeps things neater.

Begin with screwing in the braces to one of the long boards, next attach a short board and screw the bace to that. Next I then screw on the other long board and brace then last the short board and brace you now have a start to your raised bed vegetable garden.

Another method is to use cement blocks to build your raised vegetable bed. Cement blocks do very well to make a nice raised vegetable bed and all you need is cement blocks gloves a shovel measuring tape a few pieces of rebar and a mallet the rebar will make it a lot more permanent. You can buy blocks or sometimes get a deal on free cycle.

Begin by using a shovel to dig down any high spots where you are putting your raised vegetable bed. This will keep your blocks level and nice. Put down a corner block. If you are in line with the house measure how far the block is from the house or fence then measure from the other block to assure they are at equal lengths. Now all you need do is fill in the space between the two blocks also consider measuring the distance of the center block. Next step is to put the short side blocks into place and measure to keep it 8 ft at both ends.

Last is to anchor the blocks into place by driving a piece of rebar into one hole in each block none will shift now. Soil preparation is next by adding a good top soil mix and here is where the money saving is help full to spend on soil compost and seed for your raised vegetable bed.

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