How tall should I build my Raised Bed Garden? How high should the soil be?

John from answers the question how high should I build my raised bed vegetable garden. John shares his experiences growing in different height raised beds. Learn which size is best after watching this show.

16 Responses to “How tall should I build my Raised Bed Garden? How high should the soil be?”

  1. TheUrbanOutdoors says:

    great info….you are about to master status, and maybe already

  2. growingyourgreens says:

    Yes, they are open bottom. I did cardboard sheet mulching on the bottom of the beds.

  3. BikeManDan1 says:

    Are your raised beds open bottom? I think that’s an important distinction.

    I’m growing in Emeryville so have to contend with toxic soil (heavy metals) and open bottom is out of the question

  4. growingyourgreens says:

    I chose to use redwood and cedar wood (untreated) and I know it will rot, but that what wood does, and when it does, I will replace it. Might be more expensive in the long run, but my health is worth it. Better to grow your own then buy conventional even if in PT wood. Try to isolate it with something. Plastic is cheap? I did isolate the PT wood my neighbor sunk in on the 4×4 the posts on the back fence with ceramic tiles, so it would not touch my soil.

  5. growingyourgreens says:

    Im not qualitified to answer that question from a scientific standpoint. From a personal standpoint, I would not grow anything in pressure treated wood and eat it. Im sure far worse goes on with “conventional” agriculture (ie:toxins, resides), so its always “good..better.. best”.

  6. M145t0237 says:

    Vegetables can leach the chemicals out from the wood but I know that they then store the chemicals in their leaves and not fruits. Would it be safe to plant and eat greens from a raised bed made of pressure treated wood

  7. OS253 says:

    @vnswamy2008: Me too. I can’t wait for the next episode. He’s going to teach us how to plant vegetables on our patio or balcony if we live in an apartment in the city.

  8. zekehooper says:

    I finally saw the vid and it was great. Loved how you talked about the root system. Glad to also hear you are going to do a show on rock dust. Great info.

  9. growingyourgreens says:

    They were used for a hoop house (I have a epsiode on that) and also the framing for the trelis. (It did not support weight that well, and I dont reccomend for this use)

  10. growingyourgreens says:

    Ahh. Yes. Bending is good for us! We all need to remain flexible and bend.

  11. halleysmommy says:

    I’ve never really thought much abt the depth of veggie roots. Interesting. I think the one thing I like abt the height of your beds tho is actually the lack of bending and leaning you do. If they were just 12″ off the ground, you would do a lot more un-intended yoga poses!!

  12. Praxxus55712 says:

    Those are some impressive kale! Holy cow! Great job. 🙂

    I’m more a proponent of forcing the veggies to send out deep roots. It helps them withstand wind, heavy rains and dry spells better as well as support larger yields. Both methods are fine though. You grow a mean garden John! Very cool.

  13. vnswamy2008 says:

    hi nice videos.i cant wait for the next. Just curious what are those pvc structures over the raised bed in front garden?

  14. growingyourgreens says:

    during the first hour after the video is uploaded, sometimes it doesnt work, and/or the quality is poor. It should be working now.

  15. LaglivaChannel says:

    I like your garden concept. It’s definitely uncommon to see such a nice garden in the front of a home. Cool.

  16. zekehooper says:

    I don’t know what the problem is, but I am unable to watch the vid? I could watch the one where you did the tour. I think it is you tubes problem. Maybe later I can watch it?

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