How to Build Raised Garden Beds

It’s easy to build raised beds. Eric shows you how with these simple raised bed plans. Great for vegetables, Eric has 6 of these raised beds. Visit our community site for more info

26 Responses to “How to Build Raised Garden Beds”

  1. JimminyPricket says:

    Great vid, guys. Funny and informative. 5 stars.

  2. deepsouthlouisiana says:

    great job on the beds looks like yall work harden just throwing frisbe for your dog lol you pets is so cute

  3. zem36 says:

    thank you for the advise on how to make it the most helpful tip was the wire mesh because i have a ton off golfers in my lawn

  4. RunThemAll says:

    Do vegetables grow well in only 12 inches of soil?

  5. Flapjackhayden says:

    “its a perfect gift for your tool friend” haha
    funny.. humor

  6. PeowPeowPeowLasers says:

    “because I forgot”


  7. thesimulacre says:

    Very informative and hilarious! Thank you.

  8. maddyquinn says:

    I love the camera lady! She asks great questions and she’s super funny.

  9. btechint says:

    Blend linseed oil and carbon dust together for very long term wood protection.

  10. pepperjoe12 says:

    Nice video. Check out my Gardening videos on YouTube.

  11. MyGreenThumb says:

    Posted –> How to Build Raised Garden Beds

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  12. erochow says:

    thanks for watching, more labrador photos on our site.

  13. c1nicolei says:

    Thanks for this info, hopefully I will get these for my birthday! Also…Your Labs are so beautiful! I miss my black lab, she died several years back!

  14. erochow says:

    good point, and i can spell well either. thx, eric.

  15. googlesbitch says:

    Oops I for got to complete the typing for drywall screws.

  16. googlesbitch says:

    Don’t use dry screws they will not last more than a few years. Use deck screws for hot dipped galvanize nails. Both will outlast the wood. Even electro galvanize doesn’t last as long and the difference in cost is very little.(they are designed for non moisture contact)

  17. donze52 says:

    I tiake plastic and wrap my lumber, no chemical problems then, plastic lasts about 2 years, then replace. I like the 2 by 12′ but our problem locally is 8 cents a gallon for city water so we collect rain water, tanks hold 1,100 gallons and fills with one inch of rain. That will water the garden for more 25 days.

  18. MageesterMixit says:

    You guys are friendly, which helps make this a good video.
    Treated lumber has raised some questions, myself included. There is something called “TimberSIL”, a person may want to look into. Treated lumber using sand, they call it being glass-impregnated or the like. Availability a problem?

    Now those gloves, “come-on-man..

    Oh, “linseed oil”, I’m considering, “boiled linseed oil” not the same as plain-ole linseed oil. “boiled linseed” have driers, ewe.. “poison” added. But, be yourself..

  19. erochow says:

    not everyone can afford cedar, and it is not as readily available as pine. my beds have lasted years. and the brackets are galvanized. thx, eric.

  20. erochow says:

    thanks for that. check out our viewer forum, bunch of nice people there. thx, eric.

  21. edbogus says:

    Great video! I wanted you both to know that you were a great inspiration to me in deciding to build a raised garden bed with my twin brother!…thanks for that inspiration! -George from beautiful downtown Rye, New York! 🙂

  22. erochow says:

    true, drywall screws do rust. good point on using wood screws. thx, eric.

  23. jjpiper says:

    I liked the video. You guys and the dogs were great. The information was very useful. However I do have problem with one thing. Drywall screws are not “used for everything”. They are used for drywall. They rust quickly and the heads break off easily when used outdoors or on wood. Use wood screws or exterior deck screws on wood. Thanks.

  24. DEVIATIO says:

    lol,american id***ts,need tutorial 4 this :-),sry but its true =p

  25. 19dcs93 says:

    very true

  26. 19dcs93 says:

    pine is what you need

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