My Raised Bed Garden – Update #5

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Finally, some decent weather! Things are starting to grow and produce. Harvested a lot of radishes and lettuce and replanted several squares with other crops. Potatoes are amazing.

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  1. garygardens says:

    @mugsyjeff Thanks, I’ll check them out and subscribe.

  2. mugsyjeff says:

    Hi Gary, Jeff here, thanks for sharing. I can understand your devastation on your recent upload. I had rats eating my sweet potatoes & sweet corn early this year. It’s amazing how much they can eat, considering their size. I purchased a trap to catch them live, then put them to sleep. Maybe you can catch the animal to relocate a long way away. I invite you to check out my list of uploads in case there’s something of interest to you. cheers from downunder.

  3. garygardens says:

    @dalecalder2003 Dale, I hope you have good results with the K+Neem. I’ve used a bottle and a half so far but I think I was too free with the first one. I’d buy the concentrate if it came in a smaller size. Anyway, good luck with it.
    Regards, Gary

  4. dalecalder2003 says:

    @garygardens My K+NEEM arrived today and the first thing I checked for was to see if it will kill earwigs and they are on the list so I’m off out to start spraying eggplants, chard and anything else with a hole in the leaf.

  5. dalecalder2003 says:

    @garygardens Thanks Gary I found the website and ordered a bottle, now I should hide my credit cards because I saw a lot of other things that interested me and I asked for a catalog. Thank you Dale.

  6. garygardens says:

    @bcgarden2010 It is K+Neem and I get it at Peaceful Valley in Oregon. There are other brands if you can’t find that one. Just look for Neem tree extracts. It’s also a good fungicidal. You’re right on the Oakleaf & I’m going to do just that on the next free square. Thanks also for the carrot tip.
    Regards, Gary

  7. garygardens says:

    @dalecalder2003 Dale, I get the stuff from Peaceful Valley in Oregon. I’ll try a link (reply won’t accept it) but if it doesn’t work, email me at and I can send it from there. There are other brands out there. Just look for Neem tree extracts.
    Regards, Gary

  8. bcgarden2010 says:

    another fantastic update! What was the name of that aphid stuff you use? You can plant a lot more of that red oak leaf lettuce per square too, probably around 9-12 per square and they do just fine. And for the carrots, they probably will get a lot taller so keep waiting. You’ll know they are ready to harvest when the tops fall over (not wilty, just start to fall over…) Your garden is so organized and clean! I love it!

  9. dalecalder2003 says:

    @garygardens K+NEEM is a new one for me. I just did a web search and the only place I could find it was on Amazon but you had to buy a 12 bottle case for $77.00. I’ll look in some of the local garden centers. It certainly seems to be working for you.,

  10. garygardens says:

    @dalecalder2003 Being so small, it’s easy to keep the bugs at bay. I’m using a product called K+Neem which is organic and seems to be working so far. That plus my fingers. I’m not organic when it comes to slugs though. I have no tolerance for them at all. I’ll be very anxious to see what develops below ground on the potatoes. Thanks.
    Regards, Gary

  11. garygardens says:

    @pinetar100 Thanks, I’m in zone 7 although some maps divide even further and on them I’m in 7B. Not sure just what the B designation means though. My red beets are doing well, at least above ground. Kind of slow developing below ground it seems.
    Regards, Gary

  12. garygardens says:

    @baconsoda Thanks Brendan. I’m watching the broccoli very closely. Don’t want the same fate as my cauliflower. My cucumbers are a bush type which I’ve never grown before so they may be doing just what they are suppose to. We’ll see…
    Regards, Gary

  13. dalecalder2003 says:

    Your garden is so clean, I didn’t see any insect damage at all. I’m in a zone 5b area on Canada’s east coast and I would say our gardens are similar even though you are in a zone 7 , likely. I guess our summers must be similar, I just wish I could say the same for our winters. Your potatoes look great, the blossom buds fell off mine before blooming I don’t know what that means the plants are looking good I had a couple last week that the raccoon dug up, which were great.

  14. pinetar100 says:

    plants are coming along nicely .i am having problems with my beets to.last year they did good .what zone are you?

  15. baconsoda says:

    Things are moving along well. Brocolli – watch for butterflies, they love brocolli, well, mine anyway. I got my entire crop decimated in a few days last year. Radishes – I grow French Breakfast and Scarlet Globe, another tasty one. Cucumbers go slowly at the start, especially outside in climate like ours so don’t give up yet. I am coming down with cucumbers in the greenhouse and I’ve started having fun training them all over the place. I’m doing a video this weekend.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

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