My raised bed / square foot garden

Well here it is I am finally makin the video of my raised bed garden experiment. Remember your emergency supplies, The Ready Store ( best price guarantee) And if you want to try to make a few bucks helping others prepare

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  1. 14dollarz says:

    @dsarti1 . I love the chemical flavors too :). I use pressure treated wood as there is no danger anymore. I did a lot of reasearch before building my beds. They actually stopped using the CCA Treated wood back in the 90’s (which did have arsenic) and now the new ACQ wood doesn’t have chemicals that will kill you.

    I could not find 1 single study online saying the new wood is dangerous, but did find articles saying it was perfectly fine. Nice garden.

  2. DebbyShoemaker says:

    I use raised beds and those 5 gallon buckets for gardening. I have planted over 350 buckets. I have gophers and there is no gettin rid of them. So, I just don’t plant in the ground anymore. my garden is awesome!

  3. penguinistas says:

    I like to spray vegetation killer around the base of the raised bed’s perimeter. Keeps the grass out (mostly).

    And for those who just hate to spray chemicals, I find that a nice dark colored tarp laid across the area will get hot enough (on a week of sunny days) that all the grass and weeds will be baked to death.

  4. martykean1967 says:

    @dsarti1 I should have never questioned you David! Ever heard of the variety ‘Sweet Sandwich”? I got the seeds from a local exchange about 12 yrs ago and the guy said his family has grown ’em for over 100 yrs! out of 10 friuts you’ll get one that has no cracks or blemishes with sandwich sized slices but they taste awsome! I’ve tried to get others to grow ’em but ppl only want perfect (store bought looking) tomatoes. What a shame, they dont know what they’re missing! You grow heirlooms David?

  5. bllw69 says:

    A black varmint was near it trying to eat the veggies. Did you see him?

  6. crabtrap says:

    dserti,another good way to raise the bed is to use PVC pipe (6 or 8″) . lasts forever,white pipe reflects sunback on young plants and it stops the hippies bitching about PT lumber . oh ,plus you can dis assemble the bed for storage or what ever

  7. dsarti1 says:

    @mapleleak Yep I am uising pressure treated lumber I like the exrea arsinic flavor… OH wait I chared the inside and lined it with 12mil heavy plastic…. Damit No chems in the food? Maybe next year LOL

  8. dsarti1 says:

    @martykean1967 Yep I am uising pressure treated lumber I like the exrea arsinic flavor… OH wait I chared the inside and lined it with 12mil heavy plastic…. Damit No chems in the food? Maybe next year LOL

  9. martykean1967 says:

    I like the idea for the vid but the camera was shaking around so much I was getting sea sick! LOL!!! Your gonna have a TON of tomatoes, OMG!!! I’m guilty of the same offense. I figure I can always give ’em away right??? Good luck but I hope thats not treated lumber. Thats bad for you.

  10. mapleleak says:

    Hope you didn’t use pressure treated wood to make your garden, Pressure treated wood is injected with dangerous chemicals. I worked at a lumber outfit for years and we were always told to make sure the customers knew the dangers of using pressure treated in edible gardens

  11. keneyed209 says:

    yes pleas explain the pruning method for the tomatoes I did not now about that and my garden is starting to get to grow thanks.

  12. KasinH says:

    Nice. I used square foot gardening for a few years. I like it especially with companion planting. Got quite a bit of veggies for my dehydrator.

  13. GoatHollow says:

    Been “Square Footin'” it for over 20 years… Glad you are having good results!!!

  14. Hiberniason says:

    Great video!

  15. infomorgue says:

    that a good deal there


    Don’t forget about canning some salsa with your peppers and tomatoes add seasoning and some onion…… yum

  17. tattooholic66 says:

    what types of tomatoes are you growing, heirloom or hybrid? I’m growing heirloom’s right now but might try some hybrids next year.

  18. dsarti1 says:

    @SweetHere111 not a highway by most standards but a rual state route that was gravle when I was a child

  19. problyontheredlist says:

    i love square foot gardening..even got the book! lol! looks like healthy plants ya got there!

  20. SweetHere111 says:

    Didn’t know u lived so close to a highway. What do u do about critters and insects getting to your tomotoes? And, if I may ask, would you be inclined to show your pruning methods you explained in the vid? I have a tomato plant myself and it seems that it only wishes to bear a single fruit. Great vid.

  21. Catlicker101 says:

    Looks great. Hope the wrist is going well.

  22. theeastwatch says:

    Lookin good man.
    I’m still framing out my raised bed… Its a big one, and I’m laying down drainage rock before putting down the topsoil…
    Did you dig up the dirt at all on your raised bed?
    Did you pull out the grass before filling your bed?
    How deep is the top soil you put in?

  23. yonny1954 says:

    nice. we have gone to raised beds here(maine) big time . soil content, weed control, space easy to cover with hoop houses to extend season a big deal here, no need to till weeding easy due to compact growing and soil, easy low water needs. We collect roof rain and irrigate with that, working on a gravity drip system. just recently found you love the honesty, thanks great job

  24. CMLovejoy says:

    Your going to have a LOT of tomatoes.

  25. Michigansnowpony says:

    Looks great David! I’m glad to see you’re gardening. I think it’s a big hole in one’s preps if there’s no seeds and/or plans for gardening. Dried tomato slices are as addictive as potato chips IMHO. : )

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