Open or Closed Bottom Raised Bed Garden? Winter Seed Factory? Growing in 100% Compost?

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John from answers your questions about gardening including how to grow year round, growing in 100% compost, Closed Bottom Raised Beds, Growing in the Midwest and Winter Seed Factory?

14 Responses to “Open or Closed Bottom Raised Bed Garden? Winter Seed Factory? Growing in 100% Compost?”

  1. gabriellegion1 says:

    does it matter what kind of composted manure i use? (chicken vs cow)

  2. TheUrbanOutdoors says:

    always informative

  3. halleysmommy says:

    For Ernest302, I would suggest 2 things. (1) Plant in buckets w/handles and drainage holes drilled in the bottom/sides. I see plastic kitty litter buckets listed on craigslist for free all the time. I’ve grown tomatoes, potatoes, etc in them. (2) I think u could build a shallow coldframe, portable, with a bottom… maybe with legs that fold up underneath even. With the frame or buckets… Just put in yout trailer when u need to go and set outside when u can. Simple as that!

  4. halleysmommy says:

    Thanks for finally addressing midwest growing, John. A walk around my neighborhood turns up 4 front yard gardens… so clearly you mantra is shared here.

  5. bobbyrod38 says:

    Hey John, what is that on your necklace?

  6. moonshadow93924 says:

    @rskurow Yea!

  7. H8RbyN8URE says:

    great vid John; powerful ending! Safe travels sir ~

  8. rskurow says:

    Man you’re fast.

  9. rskurow says:

    @moonshadow93924 We did eat it.

  10. eriku571 says:

    Amazing scenery John, you’re fortunate to bee in such a beautiful place. :-))

  11. Chetallica says:

    John, since you mentioned growing inside; I am planning on doing my seeding inside, before spring hits. Here in MD we usually cannot get things in the ground until after the last frost, which is sometimes well into late March and even April. I am going to seed in my basement in market packs. What would be the best grow light to use (full spectrum?) and since I am into power conservation, how much time should I leave it on each day using a timer? Also, is 67-71 degrees an ok temp to seed?

  12. apeinacrate76 says:

    14:36 you really git in to it John. good for you I am a seed saver to. A+ video:)

  13. moonshadow93924 says:

    don’t pick it if you not gonna eat it!!

  14. Necrowitch says:

    an idea for interning… check out wwoof dot org ….. it is an organization that connects organic farmers with people who want to learn how to farm organically. The farmer provides shelter, food, and education… the volunteer wwoofers provide a certain amount of labor in return for that shelter, food, and education. it’s a learning by experience type of deal. =^-^=

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