Part 3 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Irrigation from Sprinklers to Drip System

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John from consults with friends to help them plan their raised bed garden. This is Part 3. Installation of the Irrigation System. From converting a standard sprinkler system into a filtered drip system to feed all the raised beds.

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14 Responses to “Part 3 of 7 How to Build a Raised Bed Garden: Irrigation from Sprinklers to Drip System”

  1. myclem6674 says:

    Surely CA has a backflow device requirement but I don’t see one in your video. Where did you install that? Also, is the filter the Lowes brand whole house type of all-in-one filter?

  2. growingyourgreens says:

    The pressure regulator is the ball valve in each bed. It is restricted to the point where the water flows out at the desired rate depending on the watering needs of the specific plants in the bed.

  3. growingyourgreens says:

    its below the ground so you would not trip over it, and you would not see it. You can totally do it above ground. The black drip tubing goes on top of the raised bed. The black rubber hose is for hand watering.

  4. bobbyrod38 says:

    Oh, and why do you need to go below the surface of the ground out of the house? Is the black hose for handwatering or does it lead to something else?

  5. bobbyrod38 says:

    John, where is he pressure regulator and what ressure is it reduced to?

  6. 1ChevyGuy375 says:

    Nice, looks like they are off to a good start, It will look good when It’s done. John are you going to do updates threw out out the season on there vegetable plants when It’s done? I would like to see how their garden does for them.

  7. growingyourgreens says:

    The “shoes” are called vibram five fingers. I will have an episode on them soon 🙂

  8. H8RbyN8URE says:

    Looks good. Get ‘er done ~

  9. jwwm2 says:

    What is that footgear you have on? I can’t recall ever seeing something like that in my 5 plus decades of life. Also, I live not far from you, also adobe soil. Just wet it a bit, let it soak a while, and it isn’t any harder to deal with than almost any other soil. Sand would be worse.

  10. dapperdann123 says:

    you only have to put glue on the pipe not the fitting.

  11. rustylcurtis says:

    Very fun. Kudos to Rick for being a good sport and letting us learn with him.

  12. Hobohube says:

    thanks. I want to see that pressure testing, capping, filling and monitoring for leaks. thanks for all your videos.

  13. BalconyGrow says:

    Thanks for sharing this.

  14. mysciencenow says:

    hopefully no pressure test failures

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