Planning and Building a Raised Bed Garden III

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Our raised beds will be completely redesigned this spring. We are adding new beds, new ideas, etc. Watch what creates some of our ideas, and hopefully generate some ideas of your own.

3 Responses to “Planning and Building a Raised Bed Garden III”

  1. amiraprod525 says:

    I have got to learn how to do this. Great job and the berry bed is beautiful. I think it’s so precious that you and your daughter do this together.

  2. BuddyClubGardening says:

    Rachel says:
    “Thank you for the well wishes.” (she’s all smiles and laughs to know folks in Ireland are concerned for her) “It hurt when I broke my finger, but I’ll be fine. My cast itches alot. I want to play with my friends more.”

    – your friend from the United States,

  3. baconsoda says:

    This is going really well, even with the changes. I know all about changes to plans because I usually end up moving stuff 3 times and it always seems to involve tons of stones or paving slabs.

    I hope Rachel’s hand gets better soon. Tell her I’ve told everybody in Ireland about her finger and we are all very worried but confident that American doctors will do a good job.

    Best Wishes, Brendan

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