Raised Bed Garden Is Growing Stuff

Living in the South Carolina Upstate has its gardening advantages. In March, I started work on my first raised bed garden. Today, the garden is in production and produced our first edible item. Most of my items are from heirloom seeds I planted myself with a few store bought seedlings in the mix for faster results. I’m a novice gardener sharing my results.

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  1. MegaDiddly says:

    i cut a semi circle in the top of the catch barrel and used fittings from the electrical dept in one of those big box stores to connect the two. I also used these to make the overflow tube (on the the second barrel). the hard part was applying pressure to the inside colar while threading on the fitting from the outside. Just use rope with a washer on it and pull it through the fitting while screwing in the fittings.

  2. ark191000 says:

    nice garden. how do you make the rain barrels? =)

  3. 14dollarz says:

    Cool. Looks really good. Hope to see more updates as things get warmer. I’m in GA so I know it is already getting hot in the south.

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