Raised Bed Garden

Raised Bed Garden Construction – Phase One. My first attempt at building a Raised Bed Garden. We have a nice variety of vegetables planted in the bed. I chose to plant the vegetables utilizing a kind of “Permaculture” method. This means instead of grouping like kind vegetables together in the garden, we mixed the vegetables throught the bed. This allows the vegetable to utilize the garden in a more natural manner. This helps to prevent nutrient depletion in the soil and also aides in fighting off unwanted garden pest while attracting beneficial insects.

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  1. AugustusLarch says:


    I know “smart side” is exterior grade. I have used it before. You have the unpainted side against the dirt. That black poly doesn’t have structure. The back side will get wet and fail. Don’t build two many. How long have the first ones been up? That’s a lot of dirt for 3/8″ particle board siding to hold from it’s unpainted side. If you must use siding try 5/4″ cedar dolly varden.

  2. IPslinger says:

    Yes, the ‘dirt’ as you say has not been the best choice, I should have went with ‘sterile’ soil, so your correct. The ‘dirt’ or compost contained lots of seeds from weeds & Penny Wort. It’s been a challenge weeding. Other that that the bed has worked great.

  3. IPslinger says:

    Hi Augustus & thanks for watching. As metioned before the siding is an exterior grade siding. I have looked it over well and so far it has shown NO signs of deterioration. It really is designed for the outdoors.
    I have built 3 more beds using the same materials & again NO problems. Its a good, cheep way to build a bed. The main difference between the 3 new ones & this bed is I only built them ONE foot high (much Less Dirt needed) and I framed them instead of sinking 4×4’s.

  4. AugustusLarch says:

    Yikes, How will the particle board “smart siding” deal with the moisture and pressure from the soil on the inside. Black plastic has some mpoisture barrier but how will you deal with the ambient moisture and the back of siding never dying out. I make planters this size but I use 5″x5″ timbers. I wan’t to see if this can last.

  5. davidringosr says:

    awesome! Thanks ,so much for sharing. David Ringo

  6. Greengate777 says:

    It looks great! Well done. By lining the interior with plastic, you keep the wood from permanently being in contact with the moist soil in the planter. That ought to prolong its life… the dimensions are also good… something like that makes gardening possible for people with a busted back…

  7. HackerGuitarist says:

    @IPslinger you can treat the wood with linseed oil , thats how I did mine …also don’t use dirt for your garden ..use the best soil mix you can find or make

  8. telemarker77 says:

    nice job

  9. Den0Q says:

    I am putting in raised beds this year and I paln on making them 3′ tall. To solve the dirt problem I am using straw bales in the bottom. As the rot I’ll add fresh dirt.
    you do great work Den

  10. IPslinger says:

    The siding is a quality exterior grade, lap siding. So far it shows no signs of any deterioration. The same type of siding has been on our well house for years with no issues. Hopefully we get many more years of service from the siding.
    And yes…lots of dirt! Our next beds will only be one foot high. it is nice to be able to sit on the edge of the bed and pull weeds, but too much dirt to have to deal with in the beginning.

  11. IPslinger says:

    The siding is an quality exterior grade, lap siding, available at Lowes for about $20 a 4×8 sheet. I ‘ripped’ it to the dimensions that you see in the videos.

  12. IPslinger says:

    Thanks for your comments.
    The county site where we acquired the ‘compost’ is supposed to provide ‘clean’ compost created only from yard waste and not from general landfill mass. It is even recommended by the local county gardening class instructor. So hopefully what they provide is good quality compost….Cheers!

  13. egnilk66 says:

    True. But, the meat shouldn’t be a problem.

  14. nolanmontess87 says:

    iam just saying alot of time there is glass and plastic and stuff in there.

  15. egnilk66 says:

    If it’s thoroughly composted….who cares?

  16. ehswan says:

    The siding will deteriorate rapidly. And yeah one hell of a lot of dirt. Me and my Mom did a few raised beds this year and were compelled to buy a freezer to store it all. I must add that there is more to gardening than food. Nurturing life feeds the soul.

  17. Leadfootn says:

    Great vid on building your raised bed. Just 1 question tho, was the siding you used on the sides wood?.

  18. nolanmontess87 says:

    i dont think i would use compost from the dump in a vegetable garden.There is a lot of meat and other things that are no so good.Nice job building your raised bed though.cheers

  19. ginjenken says:

    Great job! I want to do one of these at our house.

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